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Best way to evade credit card cold calls, Collected Swissotel VM goodie bag

Got quite a few calls from few reputable banks over the last week asking to apply for their credit and platinum credit cards. Do not know where do they get my contacts from. But I always have the heck of getting such calls and most people would usually simply slam down on them.

For me, knowing that these poor peeps have to put up with so much negatively during their daily cold call sessions, I’ve tested and devised a new technique to evade them and them, not you will be the one trying hurriedly to end the call. Listen to their intro speech and simply go “uh-huh”, “yes” and let them flare out all the benefits like their lives depend on it (you need not listen), just keep going uh-huh uh-huh, no matter how catchy they can get with their sales pitch. At the end, if they belong to any bank you do not have any credit cards from, say any of these:

  • Ask for their income requirements and say you earn less than it
  • Tell them you are a student (which I am!)
  • Tell them you are unemployed/jobless (Suggestion from my dad)

All these, particularly the last one will end the call fast and easy within 5 seconds. Then you will simply go laughing at the end of the call when they go “Huh? but the records? umm…. nevermind… Thank you for your time.”

Works everytime.

Swissotel Vertical Marathon
Collected my pack today at the Raffles City Fullerton Room. Participants get quite a lot of goodies this year compared to the last. In a a black event shoe bag, we have:

  • Dry-fit white event polo tee
  • Mens health Magazine (Oct 07)
  • ezy health and beauty magazine (Oct07)
  • u.me mag (Sept 07)
  • Gym towel
  • fa cotton cap
  • centrium mini vitamin bottle
  • fa spray on deodorant
  • fa rub-on deodorant
  • Misc leaflets, osim vouchers and information slips

At least the polo tee this year is more descent than previous Vertical Marathonss, it’s at least something I can wear without being a walking billboard for the sponsors!


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