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End of school week

On the Bus to school...

Bus or train, its still the same. This week saw myself spending at least close to $20 on food & misc items for the week. On a ration you may say? But no, as food are one of the most afforable items in SP, say $2.50 for a bowl of chicken ban mian (home-made noodle) here is equivalent to a similar serving we can get outside for $4.50, & that is not uncommon. In fact 20 bucks is on the high side for me & I actually was hoping to strike an optimum $15 spending limit per week… I have still yet to top my ezlink card next week, darn so another 20 you say? & no I don’t use concession cards as my total monthly public transport expenditure hardly reach 60% of the concession price at all. Man I am feeling the heat of the “fare adjustments

Stingy you may say? no just doing my homework I guess…

The week say myself up against 2 tests, firstly an electronics practical which turned out rather easy in fact in the end. Think I can score an A or so. Had my class had Oral Communication lesson today & my group was up with a presentation, covering on the topic: Amphibious vehicles. Overall I think our team did a good job & it was the most interesting presentation of the 3 presented today, partly we are the only ones with videos, demonstration & such. Up next week, Mechanics class test, Autocad theory test cum practical & IDEAS presentation.

Today is supposed to be a run day for me, partly there was no Track & Field on tuesday because of rain. But just as I was up on my afternoon nap. Woke up in anticipation for my usual 10 evening rounds around Tiong Bahru Park only to be greeted by heavy rain pattering outside my window… darn. The funny thing about us athletes is that we eat so many meals a day, with so much glucose in our blood, its just uneasy not to run… Now am having that very restless feelings, quick someone chain me down…

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  1. Hi…Actually your Blog is quite interesting, its not like the normal blog that I’ve visited so far. But, your wordings is F***ing Hell Small!!!!! Its super bad for the eyes!!! PLS do something abt it!!!

    *Cursed By THE DEVIL*

    “Everything in the world is impermanent and selfless. Everything, especially our body, depends on causes and conditions. We are vexed because we place labels of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ on phenomena. This is akin to adding legs to a snake-totally unnecessary. When we see things as they are and not add any commentary, it will help us manage our emotions.”

  2. Thanks for your comment, though regarding small fonts, its a 1st for me!

    Maybe in the benefit of people with difficulty in reading or long sightedness (lau yan wah) maybe I should include an option to enlarge fonts, but that would mean creating a separate new stylesheet for the site, as just enlarging it on the fly would mess up the general site design.

    p.s thats quite a long signature you’ve got there heh.. I was actually tryin’ to find a relation as a comment! :mrgreen:


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