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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Busy Busy

Damn if I didn’t get time to actually compile this, I would never know how busy I am for the week!

Personal Event/Campus Schedule for the week:

  • Thursday (Tomorrow) – Electrical Tech Test (Studied, Doing Rev)
  • Friday – Engineering Maths Test (Studied, Doing Rev)
  • Saturday – Deadline for Flash Design mock up (Company)
  • Sunday – Singapore River Raft Race Timings/Judging
  • Monday – Workshop machining Deadline
  • Tuesday – Social Issue Inter-Debates
  • Wednesday – Representing School in IVP @ Nanyang Poly (10km event)
  • Thursday – Electrical Tech Practical Lab Test
  • Friday – Visual Basic Programming Test (Postponed from wed because of IVP)

I guess I can only breathe end of next week… I think I will be away from blogging for the week. Mug mode on…. 😐

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