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Friday the 13th

Out the Toilet?

Mmm its friday the 13th, a day worth dreading about ahha, especially if you detest walking under ladders, (or dustbins) or just across a black cat’s path.

Just came back from my Engineering Maths test. & It’s held in an LT, yea!! very conducive environment. Ahha miss the nostalgic LT test ambiance, let be in JC or my camps in NUS. Confident to score 100 in this test, finished it within 20mins (outta 60mins given). Yupyup very unlike me right?

On a not too high note, scored 82 for my C++ programming written test.. bummer, considering that C++ is supposed to be computer language, its definitely best tested on the computer, not hand written! brraggar! Nevertheless I was the second highest in class, the top being 95! Nuts! Must aim, must aim to score straight As this semester again.. brgghahaha! “all your As are belong to ME!”

With this, comes the ever so question I always ask myself – Is the polytechnic a better place for me than JC? I am definitely doing much better in poly than JC not only in terms of grades, but CCA too (35 confirmed CCA points after 3 terms). Considering me literally failing most of my papers in year 1 in SAJC, having to drop my 4th A level subject by year 2 & graduating with a full A level cert to nowhere! Bummer! But with that comes the all so notorious “culture shock” from Poly to Uni, will I be prepared for Uni pace after graduation? Personally I hate the rush-rush in JC – never got enough of life, but I guess it will be evident in Uni either, not to mention exciting dorm life! hehehe!

Yesterday saw myself mugging in the clubhouse followed by a small neat club gathering before training. I even got my white IVP jacket & T-Shirt! whee! But felt so guilty after chomping on one plate of fish & chips & 2 servings of claypot rice thereafter during dinner “outs” with my family yesterday, guess the 500+ calories burnt in the gym before that won’t be able to counter the influx of additional calories… Dang.

Last but not least, for once today! There was sun! wow!

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