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Ace Award Interview with Principal & Directors, DSTA 2nd stage of selections!

Yesterday was an interesting day at the SP admin block, specifically at the Principal office and meeting room. It was the interview and shortlisting session for students nominated for the SP ACE awards.

The session started with me meeting up with the other top students from the various courses/schools who arrived at the venue in staggered 10mins intervals. Met few familiar faces including Andrew, the top DARE student there as well. Apparently few of us there were SAA SP award student winners as well, so we were definitely not strangers to each other with the exception of few new faces from courses not usually within proximity from our school of MM. Was told this year there are fewer people shortlisted for the awards, namely the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew Award, Toh Chin Chye Gold Medal, Low Guan Onn Gold Medal, Chua Chor Teck Gold Medal and lastly the Tay Eng Soon Gold Medal (for exceptionally well students who came from the ITE route), so if you are here, man you are good!

Ultimately, the Lee Kuan Yew award is the one I will be strongly pushing for.

The main interview was conducted in a rather casual setting with 5 interviewers consisting of our Principal Mr Tan himself as well as distinguished members and heads from the board itself. The setting is rather good I can say and it really paints a relaxed casual setting and encourages constructive conversation, something few jumpy candidates can definitely benefit from. My interview as rather good from my perspective and I believed the interviewers enjoyed their time there with me as well.

The main interview followed by a second 1-1 interview with the SP Media Communications department where the staff will go through details of each candidate where a personal writeup for each student will be done and published in the event of selection. While most just take about 20 minutes on average for this, unknowingly, we got so engrossed in our discussion that we didn’t know that we went into over 2 hours for the interview! With namecards offered from my interviewer at the end, which makes you simply go: “whoa that is actually something the others don’t get!” A photo taking session was one next which saw candidates back in our respective schools or workshop posing for rather professionally taken photogenic shots – IPC galore!

The results of the awards will be out mid April, wish me all the best!

Met up with my old Eng Materials II lecturer Mrs Lim for the day on her invite for the upcoming SP flag day as a volunteer, come to think about it, its was a rather hectic week and it will be so for weeks to come as well, so mind me if I do not update my blog as regularly as before. Will also be busy over the weekend for the MCYS fund raising and AIDS/HIV awareness program at Cathay Cineleisure as well.

On an interesting note, got an invite for the 2010 Youth Olympics dialogue session from the SAA as well, that will be interesting to attend. Oh yes, last but not least, got shortlisted for the 2nd of 3rd stage of interviews for my DSTA scholarship too! Yea!


  1. Hi, I was doing a search on SP Ace and chanced upon your blog. Was nominated to go for interview for Tay Eng Soon Gold Medal at the Principal office. Can you share how was the main interview like? eg. the type of questions asked (current affairs/self-intro/etc).

  2. Hey. Can you share some interview tips with me? I’ve been shortlisted for the LKY award and i do not really know what are some general questions being asked in an interview. Also, if possible, list out some questions that they may ask.


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