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Fast & Furious 4 the Movie in the makes

Fast and Furious (FF) 3 was Tokyo Drift and there is a 2009 sequel coming up right too, was actually in the theaters. Unlike the old dumpy FF2 which was descent and the given fact that FF3 simply screwed up the whole series, FF4 will feature the original cast from FF, well most of them… Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster and some new ones. One of the featured cars in the show will be the BMW E92 or the 335 we mostly come to know it as and it officially becomes a Ricer in Fast and Furious 4!

Apparently news of the confirmation of the movie was revealed after some spy shots of filming and the sudden concentration of few tuner vehicles out of the blue. I hope this 4th series won’t be as disappointing as the rest, only time will tell when it hits the silver screen 2009.

For upcoming movies, “21” looks kind of a nice show with a nice twist of Harvard grade students versus the Casino system- perfect entry movie for “who knows what will happen” with our textbook stricken students and upcoming IR Casino developments.



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