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2007/2008 Semester Exams: 2 papers down 4 more to go!

A typical day in SP

Well the weekend is finally approaching and finally found some time to rest from all the exam madness. Today marks the mid way point of my modules cleared with a line of 3 papers/day coming up in a row come Monday. For the record, I guess I can hold up with a minimum A grade for all my completed modules to date, but I guess it’s just or no where close to a distinction in the cohort I guess.

After going through the exam questions and comparing answers after the papers, I managed to pull through my Mechanics III module at 100%, but slipping at Quality Management and Thursday’s Fluid Mechanics modules at around 90 marks due to ever-so-irritating careless mistakes. Hope that that will be a learning experience for future papers.

Funny thing that I could not sleep well the night before. Could it be due to sleeping immediately after studying where my mind is not relaxed or just that my body clock is not used to sleeping early for the next morning paper during this self study period. Man felt that I could be more awake for today’s paper.

On the sidetrack, the Student Alumni Association had been sending alot of scholarship related mails lately, namely for school-paid scholarship exhibitions, preparation workshop and talks. But I guess that all came at a bad time smacked right in between papers during this exam period. A bad on the timeline side I guess. A scholarship sounds nice, but I personally do not like being tied down my bonds or strings pressuring me to always be the best, it’s simply stressful. I like the freedom, but of course no one’s gonna offer money for free right?

Lastly, cheers to Sugih my old secondary school classmate who popped by SG for a visit, didn’t manage to join the reunion dinner with the rest of the gang last monday night at Vivo due to a paper on tuesday. It’s always the same when we are out of school, either working, studying or commitments, it’s difficult for everyone to get together for reunion class outings now let be primary, secondary & JC mates, especially when you want to but can’t.


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