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New upcoming 2nd generation revised Nokia N95 (Nokia N95i, N95 US)

Revised N95i SDHC support

Here are some heads up and it’s official on the new revised N95, primarily made for the US market it’s still called the N95 aka N95 US (and not the N95i nor the N95 music edition). There is no telling how Nokia will rebrand it here in Asia, but for identification stakes I will call it the “i” version and man do the specs look convincing.

Nokia N95 US Edition (aka N95i)
Nokia really listened to users this time addressing the battery issue head on with a new improved high capacity 1200mAh battery in the same compact phone size & dimensions. There is confirmed 8GB SDHC support tested with Sandisk 8GB SDHC (which should largely compatible with most other major SDHC brands too).

Moreover, besides firmware and miscellaneous cosmetic improvements to improve usablity the internal RAM had also been doubled to 128MB. For those often giving your phone the “spins” the lens and cover switch does not protrude out of the body now and sits flushed inside the phone’s body. In summary, here are the following improvements we have:

  • New redesigned body with bigger battery compartment (internal)
  • 128MB RAM (From 64MB)
  • 2.6″ screen to brighter 2.8″ screen at the same 320×240 resolution
  • 1200 mAh Nokia BL-6F Battery (from 950mAh)
  • New weight ~ 125g (5g more than old N95)
  • Available in Black-graphite (back plate only)
  • Camera lens now flushed (sunken) inside body
  • Manual camera slide lenscover removed
  • Repostioned glass flash at center
  • Music keys are now padded

*Note these are the only listed changes, specs not mentioned are left the same (i.e 5MP camera, SiFR Star III GPS, etc).

There is still word on whether the screen is bigger or spot a higher resolution, but frankly, that is the least the N95 needs in terms of an upgrade- a larger screen with more pixels means a larger battery drain and it defeats the purpose of the larger capacity battery if battery life is already a concern for many.

Revised N95i Music Keys
Revised N95i Music Keys
Revised N95i Camera
Revised N95i Camera
Revised N95i Battery Compartment
Revised N95i Battery Compartment

The phone will still come bundled with a 1GB MicroSD in the box (which I believe you will be junking for a higher cap anyway). For those who currently own the N95, nope you cannot use the new high capacity battery as it’s thicker and won’t fit the old N95 (see above picture with the new N95 on the left and old on the right). Expect the old N95 prices to tumble the moment this baby comes out year end before Christmas and this new baby will take the pole position as Nokia’s Flagship phone.

Nokia N95 8GB Edition (aka Black Music Edition)
It’s official, there is actually (believe or not) another 8GB version of the N95 coming out, so shown by FFC reports with real pictures to brag. So apparently the old rumors were actually true.

N95 8GB Edition Black
N95 8GB Edition Black
N95 8GB Edition Black Insides
N95 8GB Edition Black Insides
N95 8GB Edition Black Music Keys
N95 8GB Edition Black Music Keys

The N95 8GB edition will be available in black and is a successor to the N91 8GB music phone. Though running on 8GB flash memory, the only drawback is that there is NO MicroSD expansion slot in this edition of the N95.

Nokia N95 8GB Open
Nokia N95 8GB Open
Nokia N95 8GB Landscape
Nokia N95 8GB Landscape
Nokia N95 8GB Menus
Nokia N95 8GB Menus

In place will be Nokia’s large data management application. The camera will be similar to that of the N95 US (as shown above) with the same 5MP carl zeiss optics but flash repositioned to the center with the sunken lens. The 8GB music edition will also spot the new larger battery cover (and larger battery as well). Best of all, it’s available all in Black! It looks simply stunning with the blue LEDs lighting.

N95 8GB Source – FFC. Credit going to Darla Mack for the N95US heads up.


    • Hi lol, nokia annouced that they are aiming for a late sept release, even all the staff at Nokia Singapore are all excited, with that and the IDA etc, we should see the first few sets set for a soft launch tops by early October and the ads in papers will follow thereafter. Even with delays expect it to be out just in time for christmas 😉

      Estimated retail prices are not known yet, but expect it to be around $1200 without contract when it 1st comes out, using the N93i as a rough indicator of prices when it came out to replace the N93 standard edition which is so dirt cheap thereafter.

  1. Hi,there…I juz read about the review on N95 8GB…you can go to http://forums.mobileburn.com/showthread to read up about it..Its real!!!Anyway,I have juz traded in my O2 Xda Zinc and my Sony Ericsson W810i for $1050 total…I will buy this phone from outside dealer because they sell cheaper…I asked one dealer in Marine Parade about this phone and he knew about it.Guess what,he will sell it at around $1000,so I cannot wait for this phone to be launched…HURRY UP NOKIA!!!

    By the way,how do you find Nokia N95 8GB?Pls give me your views,anyone…Thanks a lot and greatly appreciated..BTW,I am a Sec2 student,so pls include if you think this phone is suitable for me.Thanks a million!!

  2. It doesn’t matter if you are sec 2 or any age, most impt is whether u need the functions. I remember I always need a camera, radio and mp3 player whenever I go round for outings, so the N95 best fits my profile and my needs, regardless of age.

    Mmm is the marine parade store from the mass order mobile group? frankly $1000SGD for the phone is quite a standard prize I can say not to mention still expensive. Only if it’s around $850 to $900 when you can call it a real bargain in terms of price. Usually the phone will launch at about $1200 then will stablise to about ~$1030 after a month or so, usually with free gifts thrown in like screen protectors and pouches. So you can roughly see the stores’s profit margin from there.

    The old N95 is going for $898 lowest I’ve found without contract now, so thats how low the fugues can go after sometime.

    • Though the lens do not have a cover, it sits jutted inside the body, so when you put in it a surface or so it won’t be scratched, take it just like most nokia phones out there with the unprotected camera.

      I believe the main issue people have is having to activate the camera either thru the menus or the camera shutter button, instead of simply just opening the shutter, which the old one could.

    • Hi sert, currently in singapore, the lowest price you can get the old N95 without contract is $888. The price will definitely fall further when the new 8Gb version is out, in which it will take the throne as nokia’s most expensive standard non-luxury phone at the moment.

  3. The N95 8GB is officially in stores from today!

    It’s out at $798 Singtel with a 2 year plan. And as low at $398 with a $300 trade in with 2 year I-two plus, with 1 mth free Mio voice.

    No word from M1 and Starhub atm.

    • The N95US (which is named at N95i in this entry) will not be coming to singapore at the moment, there are no plans to do so.

      The 8GB edition is not available in US either (only in asia and europe) so it’s either or.

  4. hi, i’m having tight budget. i can only spare 600 bucks on any phones with signing contracts. but now the only available phone i can get is n95 old version for 598 2 year plan. do u think its worth it? i asked many shop and they replied to me saying they’ve to order the phone as singapore not going to launch it anymore… for the 8gb i really cant afford.. do u think the 8gb drop as fast? in 1-2 month time?
    sigh. kindly reply me in my email. lohterance410@hotmail.com thanks.

    • hey telan, you can get the old N95-1 without contract at $778 now, with contract, thou it’s below your $600 budget, I don’t advise you to go for it as $100 off non-contract rates is not quite worth to sign a contract for.

      Only sign a contract if it can shave off at least $250 from the normal retail rates.

      The N95 8GB prices are dropping like $10 every2-3 days from what I observed, it’s like $1020 lowest without contract now.

      I can advise you to wait for 1-2 months, as the market for the N95 is very hot now, so prices are quite high due to lack of supply.

      Thereafter when the price are more settled, from there you can decide to get the N95-1 without contract at your $600 budget or at the same $600, a N95 8GB with 2 a year contract.

  5. aiight, thanks alot. for now, i could find old n95 for 750 no contract, and n95 8gb at 960 no contract. nett price… both difference is 150-170 with contract..
    and i am afraid that 8gb wont drop further for 3 months above as nowadays singtel pronounce it as x’mas sale 798 2 year plan n95 8gb… so ithink 798 wil gonna last till jan.. and i am not sure if old n95.. which is more popular.. plum or sand… as if in future i gonna sell it, there’s a difference between colours. a non likeable colour can cost me lost a bomb.

    • $960 is quite low for the N95 8GB, where u got it from? the cheapest I’ve seen are at the following stores, (excluding having the need to bargain further).

      Mobile square
      – N95 Classic $778.00
      – N95 8GB $1048

      – N95 Classic $768
      – N95 8GB $988

      – N95 Classic $778
      – N95 8GB $1048

      Generally plum is the more popular colour, I’ve seen some N95-1 with a full black cover though, maybe thats a limited edition?

  6. i was thinking if i could sign starhub for 498 2 year plan and resale it at about 600-700+ cause. the price for it outside selling was 800+ “O2 Atom Life”
    so i could really earn some quick cash to get a N95 8gb.
    what you think of it?
    yesterday on straits time digital life, people commented tat n95 camera was totally bad… not that great..

  7. http://sgmobile.com.sg/default.asp

    you can see n95 8gb for 988 w/o contract. 798 with contract under starhub
    and o2 atom life for 858 w/o contract. 498 with contract under starhub
    therefore if i sign atom life. i gain much more..
    but that’s not the phone i yearn for..

    so what do u encourage?
    wait for n95 8gb black to drop? cause i dont think i really like plum.

  8. also n76 w/o line is 592
    but with line is 288 singtel 2 year plan.
    alot of phones the difference signing and not signing is 250-300..
    therefore i am not sure to buy or not.. sigh… help me out dude..
    or i’ve to wait till the price went really low?
    currently i’ve no phone now..

    • Hi telan, what I can recommend is to go for what you really want. No point getting the O2 atom just because of the price wise, I’ve seen people trade in their Dopod 838 Pro keyboard pocket PC and find the N95 8GB better to use.

      I am currently using a HP rw6828 titanium which is a clone of the atom, and frankly speaking, its not really spectacular at all, the camera is much worst off too.

      But after all, it depends on whether u need a business phone or not, if you are a casual phone user who is used to smsing through a numeric keypad, i advise you to steer clear from pocket PCs without keypad or keyboards, as it going to be quite a pain to SMS using a stylus.

      Generally what I heard is that the N95 8GB have a quite a low cost price for it’s features, so if you budget can permit, the N95 8GB for around $800 w/o contract is a worth it investment. The main thing is whether u can hold on without a phone for it to drop or have further deals coming on (e.g possible Christmas specials), otherwise if u need a phone right now, then just go for it if your budget permits.

      For buying the atom to load off a few dollars from the trade in thereafter, I personally find it not worth the hassle, especially to use the atom you brought half-heartedly, then go through so much hassle to trade in to get the N95 8GB again. Unless if you are really cash strapped to the dollar then go for it as u can still play around to cut costs here and there, but in the end is it really worth it for all the trouble?

      If you have no phone, would u consider a Temp phone atm? u can get a cheap colour phone for less than $100, then maybe trade in that phone thereafter, at least it solves the problem of having no phone now.

  9. wah singtel now during night drop 30 dollar. 768 for 8gb and 568 for n95-1
    sigh. i am afraid once i bought it the price drop further more. sigh.
    anyway. there’s brown too. in n95-1. that is even nicer right? not as popular as plum?

    • hey telan, FYI singtel mobile prices are $30 lower during the 9pm-9am period, it’s called their 9-9 specials.

      Log in tomorrow after 9am and you will see the prices back at $798 again.

      N95-1 Brown, I have not seen it before, but it’s not a common colour either, the most rare colour is Pink, which I think is not available in Singapore at all.
      Sand and Plum are the most common I’ve seen on the streets, in the end it depends on your taste for colour, personally I prefer it in black/silver. Other colours are just too flashy.

  10. lol, u mean the N95-1? Becus I know Nokia will launch a new better black version! Now waiting for the price to drop further and contract have not ended yet! 😳

    I’ve been monitoring prices for sometime now, so far the cheapest is the $960 u mentioned without plan, did u get that price from SG mobile?

    I always get a new phone 1-2mths after launch, that is a good indication for a more stable price.

  11. no i got that price at bugis. burlington square i guess. beside simlim near burgerking. on its left side. got 3 shop. check it out there. otherwise can go sim lim tower. 2nd floor. they sells export too. chinatown offer good price too. i always check prices.. but just checking no $$ to purchase it…

    • ah yes, the burlington square, I used to work around there, is it the store facing the passenger alighting/boarding circle? with lots of HP on the display at the glass wall?

      Or is it the one by the ATM under a tent (outside).

      I know there is one more by the donut store at the side.

      I was thinking if $960 can get, maybe can even bargain to lower ~ like $900

  12. no not those u were saying. its at the left side. the one u talking about is very expensive.. on the left side. burger left side. not the right side.
    u think worth it? i have 100 dollar starhub voucher.so it’ll be 698 2 year plan.

    • ah yes, it should be the small store by the burger king side beside a donut store. :mrgreen:

      U are under Starhub right? I know SH gives $100, $200 and $500 vouchers to their customers depending on how much your monthly bills are, esp if u have cable TV, broadband with them. I know of some friends who do not recieve them at all, only to call SH then they will give, good for u to get it from them!

      I still think $698 is not worth it for the N95 8GB considering that last month, that is the same price of the N95 8GB Singtel is giving with a 2 year plan to encourage ppl to buy it as an option when the N95-1 ran out of stocks (it even went to $668 on the 9-9 too with $30 off).

      If it’s its $598 I say go for it, esp when it’s within your $600 initial budget. $698 will be overspent for you right? Unless u can shell out the $100 extra to overcome the wait and hassle without a phone and definitely one step nearer to your beloved N95 8GB!


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