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Happy 42th Birthday Singapore!

Ndp 07 Fireworks

Happy 42nd Birthday Singapore. Well, the National Day parade had just ended and it marks the seal of the first city bay area NDP for the nation’s 42nd birthday.

Also it had been 10 years since I’ve actually watched NDP live and contributed as a performer as well. With that in hand I know the time and commitment one needs to have to contribute for the NDP, especially having to start rehearsal as early as January every week. Besides the rather abrupt and mini hardware showcase by the air force and army, the year’s parade this year is considerably smaller given the smaller stage area. However, given that, performances this year are largely dampened and not as spectacular as what as I know was before.

It was agonizing watching the NDP parade on TV hoping that the performers don’t screw up on screen otherwise painting a bad impression on our events and knowing that the world’s watching too. Besides giving the primary school kids credit for their rather messy performance, they also do not look enthusiastic to perform at all. Our singers are all largely constipated, not to mention the Soka association with their super un-synchronized moves (I wonder why are they even qualified to perform). Other than that, other performances are excellent, I feel that with the exception of those I mentioned, they are actually the ones which really let all the previous NDPs down. And seriously, they should bring back more of the old NDP which we all grow up hearing during the 90s era. If you watch the parade as a whole you will enjoy the overall experience but frankly with these little details in place, the performance was a disaster.

At least the fireworks were decent it looked as good on TV as viewed from my home, I guess the thing which really made this year’s performance a memorable one is the new setting and environment with a potential large viewing audience, otherwise I guess the bay area would be better off for Formula 1 and the upcoming Sheares Bridge/Singapore Bay Run.


  1. Maybe you can specify more about what you want to bring back…

    It’s normal for the show segment to use the young kids and the senior citzens… Maybe their movements are slow, unsynchronized… But i think we shouldn’t be against them… Are you suggesting that you would not be slow, forgetful when you grow older?

  2. hey alec, yer still doing feedback for NDP? 😀

    Nope being synchronized does not mean that you are slow, maybe u misunderstood. But if you actually watch them up close, the distinctive “kallang wave” pattern is obvious when u get people watching the other and following their moves, its like they do not know the steps themselves. It jus paints how much effort is placed into performing, as I said its only when u notice the details.

    I guess thing I would like back would be more of the old NDP songs in performances. I still have those old casettes containing old NDP songs dated from the 25th celebrations (stand by me SG, one nation, etc) and they are all still so much better than the rojak songs we jus have yearly with all the celebrity hype for a new NDP song every year (which usually last only for that year). I can say, these old classic songs last forever and wont go out of date, sad to see it only shortly played this year.

  3. Hmmm u watched the show live on tv?

    There are a few old national songs that are sang during the pre-parade – talentpool segment i.e from 5.10pm onwards.

    I dunno why the mediacorp only starts showing the parade from 6pm.

  4. ah yes, It would be better if the songs could be used as part of the main show itself and not just a background filler I.

    Its a practice everyyear to only play the songs pre-parade heh?


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