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CSE Mock Networking Session, Exam Study Week, NAPFA Crumpler pouch

CSE Module Cocktail Network Party

Saw myself in school today again during the study week. The highlight of the day was the networking session at the tulip room in the staff center where we a a mock up networking cocktail session between us and classmates from another. It’s kinda odd talking to your very own classmates where we have to “pretend” that we are “potential business clients” and have not met each other- having to introduce each other and exchange name cards, rather amusing I say.

Interestingly was the myriad of homemade name cards, from bundle jet printed to hand written pieces of A4 paper stuck together to professional glossy coated ones. We had a reception and finger foods. The party ended with a success, all went well and our teacher and the director even congratulated us for a job well done.

SP Free Napfa Crumpler Pouch

Before the networking session, collected my NAPFA Gold award- a spunky new thirsty AL crumpler pouch, rather niffy I say and definitely a commodity item to receive on top of your NAPFA award.

Consultation was the secondary thing I did the moment I set foot in school today. Met up with my Mechanics and Industrial Automation tutors for questions over the past year papers. Managed to clear doubts for these 2 modules for now.

Come to think of it. it’s tough balancing work and free time, sometimes I just wonder if I push myself too hard can I actually make it pass the 6 gruesome papers the semester exams will throw at me, especially with so many people falling sick these days. I guess I have the regular jogging runs and vitamin C from juices to keep me sane during this hard period all with a pinch of cooling cheng tung of course.

And for the record, this semester exam next week would also be my last semester exam in SP, love it or hate it I will definitely want it over first but then it would be my last too, haha.


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