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End of CNY 06 period

CNY Closing Fireworks

And so there was, fireworks at the esplanade promenade at around 9pm yesterday, signifying the end of the chinese new year period… Putting aside the oranges, red packet or goodies (with the exceptional need to finish leftovers!) & move on into the year of the dog.

Mum invited cousin Gordon, his family, not to mention us again to Walton International’s 2nd buffet gathering in a fortnight. Held at One-Fullerton, we not only got the luxury of a buffet with movie screenings, but being able to view the fireworks unobstructed through a clear air-conditioned equivalent of a balcony as well. The gathering this time round is more packed then the last. Mum even managed to get her team leader to give us a short pep talk & introduction into the whole idea of the rather lucrative land banking business, a wise old man he is & he shared plenty on his experience in the line & how he made the millions & such.

Ahha forget about the recent 10 million dollar 4D man! If you want the greens, you work for it. Only big time that is!

On a side note, the SAF finally paid me my marksman bonus for last year’s range (2nd year of service), only that it’s one year late. Typical of SAF administration… Screwy… Now if they can only remember to pay the marksman bonus I obtained the year before (1st year of service).

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