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Hello 2006!

Shaun's New year Resolutions for 2006 » Obtain a Study Grant or Scholarship » Be Fitter & Leaner » Maintain my BMI (20.8 now) » Maintain my cumulative GPA at 4.0 » Do better in my $$ Business $$ » Better Time Management Ahh my first post for 2006, a New Year, New Opportunities, New Challenges! With everycoming year, it all comes the all so ritual mood...

National Day 2005

Its the patriotic time again - flags hanging high on our trademark HDB estates, people walking around like mini flag poles planted on their bags, or simply wearing red & white, motorcyclists riding around with flapping flags. Whether it my battalion giving free army rides to the public/marshaling at jurong east, or my platoonmates selling watches at the marina...

Gong Xi fa Cai!

Well, this may not be the earliest of of chinese new year greetings, erm just say I was a tad busy the last few days. Namely on meeting up with relatives & catching up on times & such, otherwise theres always the ang bao collection. I remembered playing on a local CS:Source servers on players grumbling not recieving the...

Happy New Year!

People are cheering, party poppers popping, party horns blowing, all cars passing by are honking some to the rhythm of al lang syn, high intensity spotlights can be seen shining & sweeping into the sky, music goes booming. Celebration! Hey its 2005!

Wet new year’s eve

It had been raining continuously for days now. I remembered the last time I saw sun shining brightly on mon, then its wet wet wet. Guess I have to cancel or push some my exercise regiment for the week.. especially a run yesterday. so disappointing... Hope it would be a sunny January! & so its the eve of new year,...

Singapore Idol

The national day parade had just ended & Singapore idol is now screening on TV. On a sidelook, one may noticeably note the array of people in for the auditions the possible *talents* & William Hung wannabees on TV. Not to mention the judges taking a very definite role (& impersonations) similar to that of their foreign counterparts. Very...

Happy chinese new year!

Its Chinese New Year now, the reunion dinner was great, had steamboat with a very nice spread together with cocktail desserts, wine and beer to finish it all. Fireworks can be heard around my house area now, kinda exciting man. Visiting will start tomorrow. yea! Currently Listening: DJ Tiesto - Cyberia (Deep Trance Mix) (4:15)

Happy new year

The fireworks are up, so are the crowds at the esplanade/ esplanade bridge. There was more fireworks there than last year's lasting bout 20minutes worth of continuous fireworks at the bay area. Not bad, not bad. I just love the "twilight" period between christmas and new year, everyone's just simply crazy- everybody's always happy, smiling, like going with party...

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Happy Chinese New Year to all Chinese people and those celebrating it alike 😉 Enjoy your reunion dinner tonight Cheers

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