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Ngee Ann Kongsi Scholarship submission

Teochew Building at Tank Road

Had been sometime since I’ve been to Ngee Ann Kong Si and man has that place changed – it’s not the the old stone lined open air atrium which I recalled many years ago when I was a kid. Instead it’s a new posh air conditioned lobby with automatic door but still largely themed to the old Chinese architecture, rather interesting indeed. Was there to submit my Ngee Ann Kongsi Scholarship documents, which I would definitely want to have a hand in trying for given that I am after all Teochew! Only time will tell when I get called up for the interview which will grant me a bond free $3000 scholarship which will cover me for my whole 3 year in campus.

The rest of the night was spent at Enamel house where the pre-adventure race briefing was held. Covered mainly admin, route and safety aspects of the race. Darius and Elrick were there but Elrick’s rather grumpy and phlegm-my after work, not good for a race tomorrow man. Met our old mentor Monica who is a very cheerful lady, definitely brings a smile to your face when you meet her. May it be a good race tomorrow!


  1. Hi shawn, i graduated from SP Dare same year with you. I type Ngeeann kongsi in google and saw your blog. I wanted to ask you how many receipent are there for the tertiary education award in 2007. I am still thinking whether to apply for bursary or scholarship for my NUS education this year.


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