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Term Vacation Here! Late Gyming Out

Past I of my MST Tests are over and the holidays are on next week. Part II of MSTs will begin when school reopens after the 2 week vacation. Heres what I generally feel of the first half:

Communication Skills for Entrepreneurs – No grade yet, but not bad, even teacher only requested for my slides for keeping after my presentation, good sign.
Industrial Automation Test – 95% achievable score
Statistics Test – 100% achievable score
Mechanics Test – 95% achievable score

Generally though expected 95% is a decent score, it’s not anywhere from what I am aiming and expecting of myself. This semester is really demanding – not only the E-learning but work and the ever piling tutorials and chores, I am just barely coping to meet the standards. Using a Jug & water analogy, I always have a bigger-than-enough jug to fill all my glasses (Tests) 100% full easily, but now I can’t seem to have enough water to fill all my glasses this packed Semester, they just keep coming. Moreover, today is the first time I get called out to the board to do a question on a tutorial I DIDN’T PREPARE FOR! Bwarr!

Dammit this is so unlike me… Guess the preps for the 4 tests early these week left me with no choice but to leave that particular tutorial undone, didn’t expect to see it coming to bite me so soon. This Semester allow redefines the saying: “The Textbook is more useful than the Lecturer” did I mention that lecturers in Year 3 are simply splash and go? I mean hey they are still ultimately just paid to lecture so why care more? After borrowing a few textbooks from the library in prep for MSTs, I now find the book more valuable and useful than some lecturers who serve no other purpose now but to squeeze exam tips from and sign attendance.

On a side note, after listening to Linkin Park’s Minutes to Midnight for almost the whole week, this album is one of their coolest & niffi-est to date with a welcome introduction of few slower songs, guess Chester can take a break from all those screaming once in a while. But overall only about 5 songs really appealling to me, namely: Given-up, Bleed it Out, In Pieces, What I’ve Done and slower ones: Shadow of the Day & Leave out all the Rest.

Finally crossed my 500km mark for the year with a 7.77km run on the threadmill today at the Gym. The is very empty today and since it’s closing time, took some pictures of the usual machines. You know that I’ve always mentioned about Gym training in my weekly training log, but actually didn’t really get to share much on the ones I use regularly, so here are some my favorites of the crop:

Paramount Modular System For Upper Body
Paramount Modular
Bicep Curls
Seated Bicep Curls
Pecor Threadmills, I like!
My MSD Threadmills

The Paramount modular free-cable system is a rather flexible system which can train both Biceps, Triceps, Deltoids and Chest (which I primarily use for). Biceps are best done on the Paramount Seated Bicep Curl which is much better than the standard standing curls as it completely eliminates spinal compression stresses when lifting keeping weighs focussed, but at the expense of freedom of motion. Other good workouts can includes 30 pushups in-between sets for Triceps and 300 Crunches on the Swiss/Gum ball after all 3 Complete set cycles, before ending it all with at least a 5km run on the Threadmill.

Well, It’s Friday Tomorrow! woot!


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