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Jingle bells jingle bells jingle bells rockz

Christmas is coming in 4 days yea and it’s shopping time too. I had never gotten my hands so full and spending so much money in such a short time, but hey that only happens once in a year! On the lookout, the weather forecasts more melted snow falling in drips from the sky these days, good news to taxi drivers around the shopping area…

For me, I guess I would be missing two christmas meet-ups/parties because of SAF’s dumb booking out rule, they would rather us singing carols, living thinking of people enjoying roast on the dinner table and havin’ get togethers outside than getting us out for some parties of our own. I would be booking out only on christmas eve’s afternoon and book in the very next day into camp on CHRISTMAS EVENING ITSELF! On my secondary school side I guess I would have to give the christmas eve’s eve BBQ a miss at Purmei hiltop and my JC’s friend’s house party on christmas night. On the bright side at least I can spend this christmas eve with a dinner with my family. Mum’s already made reservations at a resturant, where? it would be a surprise she says… ohh surprises….

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year everyone.

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