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Weekend Enjoyment

*sniff* *sniff* Well, the flu outbreak here almost got me last friday, but I am happy that the fresh air we get from outfield jungle training clears sinus real good either- talking bout a thick layer of nose wax in there. *dig, dig* *roll* *catapult* ….*ducks return fire*

Last night’s dinner was good, held at Orchard Hotel, my family and uncle’s usual international 5 star buffet hangout. Only this time he’s treating (but as usual, everyone will just fight to foot the bill, its just so natural, but something fascinating to watch as to see whose credit card reaches the waiter first). The cuisines available that night are chinese, seafood, japanese and western, PIG OUT! Left the hotel with a deja vu of exploding if someone were to press you in the stomach, man should have cut down on the ice cream…

On a side note, returning now from camp is really now.. a drag… not to mention all the outfield activites, fast marches and PT we have in-camp. Usually our weekends are just spent at home resting and sleeping, hoping to recover from the strains and muscle aches in time for next week’s training schedules. Oh well, thats life in the army, *grunt* Now lemme see… *checks calender* its about slightly more than 1 and 1/2 years till I ORD and get out of army life. Then there comes freedom… I wonder fo people miss army life thereafter… they better not, cos there RESERVIST! argh! arrrggehh *getting into spasm* Mmm, on a bright side I did considerably well on my first in-camp theory test 98/100 to be exact *grins grins* And I wonder how can people get 10/100 in the same test too… ack ack *head exploding from ego-overload*

My usual net surf dosage gave me some money purging side-effects today. Its so as Swee Lee music store virus (or maybe the christmas shopping virus) is presently having this christmas sale going on lately- With a guitar set comprising of a Peavey Predator Guitar, Rage III amp and a HoME bag for $480!!! ($345 online payment, though I don’t really get the reduction in price for online payment) its a steal for such a price. Whats more? theres even free home delivery yipee! Hopefully it won’t be a “real steal” (gimmic) in the end. Would be trying to get enquires on the offer when their shops open tomorrow.

And Mmmm, didn’t know that many in the Singapore Siemens community would be so serious bout getting the SX1 phone, (and I thought I was!) after chatting with some in some Siemens handphone forum. Hope it won’t turn out so common as the Nokias (Most Singporeans are biased toward Nokia branded handphones), then it would be so bleach! – common! (

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