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Nokia Wifi SBS Bus – There is real free wi-fi!

Its not like skynet global which is impossible to surf in or Singnet@wireless for only singtel/net subscribers, apparently there had been few mobile internet stations roaming round Singapore- Boarded service 147 today and hey it’s wi-fi enabled! Got up on my phone and hooked up to my mail inbox and mobile MSN messenger for the trip. Though I had it with me during the trip, I did not use my laptop on board as I personally could not go for more than 100m meters on the bus without feeling dizzy when reading or working off-screen, so thats definately out for me.

The system is presumably hooked up to a 3.5G HSDPA and router within the bus itself with the antenna logically placed in the center of the bus (or the midspan of the 1st floor roof), you will notice the bus as a blue double decker (Volvo B9TL) with a Nokia 6110 advertisement on it, saying “Wi-fi hotspot bus”.

So if you spot one, yes there is really free fast internet, board it, stick near it when it stops by your bus stop or chase it in your car. You can access it without having the need to login at all, just open the splash page accept a few terms and you are off! Speeds average and feels like about a descent 512kps connection- plenty of bandwidth to play around for regular surfing or checking of email. Also considering the average Singaporean commuter not caring much of wi-fi on buses either you more or less (or I can say most of the time) have all the bus bandwidth to yourself, now wait till they have it on all our MRT trains like what they do in the MTR in Hong Kong. Will that rock!



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