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Running with the sore throat that won’t run away!

Alexandra  Canal Park Run Sights

Had not been running alot for the past one week, as I wanted to fully recover from my minor sore throat that had been irritating me for days. It’s not exactly serious, a very mild one in fact which I can completely mask with fisherman’s friend or woods cough drops, but its just simply bugging me and won’t go away!

Moreover, it seems that many people I know around me are either sick or down with some form of a viral related sore throat of cough is it the weather? My project mate wasn’t quite in the pick of health today either, working away from school and leaving the team down to 2 people today. I just hope I do not catch any more viruses or worsen my condition as I am really looking forward to my marathon this coming weekend. And dang do my parents will bar me from running the event at the slightest sense of a sickness, I just hope it won’t be like my 2005 marathon…

My running plans for this year is to hit a total running mileage above 1000km, 1200km is optimal with about 200km more to go- provided if I do not actually miss any of my planned runs, which I already did with 2 the previous week. Mmmm and there is only 1 more month to go with more projects piling around, looks like 1000km is more realistic.

Didn’t run at all for this week to date so recapping the mileage I forgot to add last week. Think of it as a form of glucose loading prior the expenditure this weekend, more pasta to come!

Running Mileage for the last week
Alexandra Park Connector Route: 15.68km – Monday
Total Mileage for the last week: 15.68km
Total 2007 Accumulative Mileage: 978.25km


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