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I Love the World – Discovery Channel

There is a new ad only on regular on Discovery now, ah, my favorite channel. And the same can be said for this Ad as well, it had been sometime since I’ve came across an Ad which will just make you go awww, thats so nice and fuzzy. I believe the ad will be more meaningful to those who actually watch discovery and know the people featured in the Ad- Mike in dirty jobs, Adam and Jamie in Mythbusters, let be the Deadliest catch and Storm chasers. Hey even Steven Hawking got some air time on it as well. Surprisingly OCC’s Paul Sr is not in the Ad, if not he would go: “I love my motorbike!” that would be rather ka boom! and iconic too.

I love the world and that is nice, with 1:07 of your time to appreciate it, on the click:



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