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I am @ Youth.SG

I am @ Youth.SG – Written by yours truly.

In the deep dark shadows of Area-Y,
Lies the conspiracy of the blog
Jointly headed by agent Y,
Head blogging agent, Youth.SG
Smack you with my lightsaber you may
Readers alike, feeders or may
Till the minions bow before, they may
Better not, later kana Tomorrow-ed
Ping a-ling Permalink
Drumroll for the Blogroll
Tick-Tag there goes Technorati
From Xiaxue to Myagi
Browntown? That’s Oldtown
Mos to Zouk, CSS to RSS
Freedom of speech, I believe
HongLim digitized, any Comment(s)?
I am @ Youth.SG
Outgrown it’s luncheon is Spam
Drenched in it’s seeping oil
So let’s just blog about breakfast –
That’s my Youth.SG.
Broken-links? Houston thats a 404
Broken-bones? Skate@Somerset
Wait, now where’s that spell check button?
Typing at the speed of light
Going lol! at every remark
Youth.SG – A way of life
IA! IA! IA! Internet down 0.O
Kop neighbour wireless?
Nah, later Permalink in jail…
Macdonalds? – Youth food!
A sentient Skynetglobal,
Assaulted wireless it may be
Till no end the robots may strike
Lasers flying everywhere…
Overtime & Bullettime
Crawlers & Google bots
Now where’s that bug-spray…
Hasta La Vista Baby!
Speech blown in the distant wind
Never spoken but keyed
The power of connectivity, I believe,
Wait, now that’s Yoda talk…
There screams my Podcast –
Vocalization unlimited
Till this line, millions will read
I am @ Youth.SG
Feel my wrath, laugh out loud! 😛

Over & out… : )


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