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First 2007 run at Macritchie

Did a 11km cross-country run at MR today afternoon (Time 1:07). Running there today does bring back alot of old army memories – It’s along the tree top route past the round about MR route into rather familiar training areas I’ve trained during my NSF days, then exiting around the golf course area back through MR then at the memorial for cool down. Despite the continuous rain last week (with a few very muddy spots), it’s a very good cloudy weather today. Been quite out of shape & had not ran for about 2 weeks since I was out of Singapore the last week. Cheers to Elrick and Darius for ran the route together, the rest of the track team did intervals.

Upgraded to Firefox 2.0 last week and after using it since then, I seems slower than the previous 1.5. With all my favorite extensions installed (now called add-ons), tabs & buttons respond slower now & I do not seem to be able get any video fully loaded on you-tube, they all always get loaded halfway and refuse to go further, even after countless reloads. I hope it’s not the taiwan earthquake which amplifies this, but surfing now on FF now reminds me of the dreaded old Internet explorer days. And IE7.0 is knocking on my door as well.

I don’t I should downgrade back to 1.5, I love the improved security features plus the form spellcheck features 2.0 has…

I guess it’s the saying again after all, newer is not always better.


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