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Command and Conquer Generals

Not a bad game I say, starting the campaign missions, hope can finish it by the week.. lol!
*Carrys on playing game*

Wishing all muslims out there a very happy Hari Raya Haji tomorrow.

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  1. I have a question for you zero hour experts. If four players of equal strength played a 2 vs 2 match, one team with two GLA Demolition and the other with one GLA Demolition and one GLA Toxin, who do you think would win, and why?

  2. I think the side with the demolition and toxin will win, cus the toxin is quite good in taking out troops which the demolition have more off. There is always a weak point in either side which the other can exploit over, having varieties will prevent this.

    The demo can win from sure strength in numbers thou, cus tats their wild card.


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