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Chores, work… oh & pizza

Personal pan pizza takeaway

Life is like a box of takeaway pizza, a single entity in a box of vastness fit for a regular pizza, just like the one I’ve today after lunch. You must be surprised at me eating pizza all of a sudden, well if it won’t for dad & this company providing free pizza hut coupons for personal pan & snack combo redemption, furthermore with them expiring by 15th April, what can I do? In relation, I guess that very much explains some situations I was in these few days, whether its tons of chores to catch up with so little time, yet all couped up so small in a world so big. I had been trying to find time to blog, but didn’t considering having to finish jobs at work & chores before school reopens next week.

Few of the chores left to do includes revamping the dead download section & portfolio page over the week, hopefully before school reopens. On a side note, manage to find my old Unreal Tournament CD for a few hours of “let off steam sessions” with the old enforcer pistol, totally rocks.

My phones’s battery is dying on me, I had been trying to look for a new phone to replacing my aging, Siemens SX1. Considering having it for almost 3 years 24/7, I guess the battery life depreciation is reasonable I guess. The LG P7200 looks nice, but it’s battery life is notorious out of the box, not my kind of phone. I guess its back to waiting then.

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