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Old Habits Cafe Safra Mount faber

Old habits is boutique and cafe serving a range of western and Italian fusion dishes with a pretty cool ambience to boot. They are situated near the southern ridges Singapore in Telok Blangah estate. Let’s explore them out with a dine-in.

Run by a friendly husband and wife team, Don (Donovan) and Selena. The establishment used to reside in Telok Blangah Rise. It is not too far from where the restaurant currently is today at Safra Mount faber. Notably, the café is located beside the Safra clubhouse swimming pool area. Notably, this spot used to be occupied by a pool side bar and restaurant, which premises had long since shuttled before Old Habits cafe moved in.

A retro toy showcase

The highlight of the restaurant has to be their toys display. You can’t miss it with its restaurant facade decked and decorated with lines and lines of industrial-looking shelves housing a variety of trinkets, toys and retro antique items. Here you can find classic Ultra-man, 1963 Gigantor, Astro boy as well as several other metal tin-based robots.

The interior of Old Habits Cafe
The interior of Old Habits Cafe.

Also, there are littered over rows of ground-to-ceiling display shelves surrounding the perimeter of the restaurant cafe. There are some toys and replicas from those in the 40s and 50s before the plastic revolution and as well as those from the 80s and 90s. It does induce a sense of nostalgia.

old-habits-safra-mt-faber 03
old-habits-safra-mt-faber 08
old-habits-safra-mt-faber 13
Outside shelving

Don shared that the toys are a collection belonging to 4 friends including himself. They are all kept and displayed here at the restaurant. Additionally, the items are also for sale and trade too if you are interested in acquiring them.

A retro vibe indeed
A retro vibe indeed.

Furthermore, you can find a basket full old old electronics including mobile phones and a luggage of classic cassette tapes near the cashier.

Luggage of classic cassette tapes
Case of classic cassette tapes.

Interestingly, even all the tables in the resultant are made out of classical manual sewing machine legs. There are seating for couples, as well as for groups.

Cool antique sewing machine tables
Cool antique sewing machine tables.

The restaurant ambience is chill, though the floor area is not the biggest in terms of space. Also, interestingly, you do not get and pool-side seating despite being situated right beside a swimming pool.

Menu options

Moreover, the restaurant ambience itself is chill and cozy. Their cooked food menu offers a selection of light bites as well as full main courses. Old habits spot a range whether you are here for a filling dinner, or simply just dropping by for a dessert filler after a meal elsewhere.

Smoked duck rice bowl with poached egg and sesame sauce ($15.90)
Smoked duck rice bowl with poached egg and sesame sauce ($15.90).

Furthermore, their Smoked Duck sandwich ($12.90) is a soya-cured duck with plum vinaigrette mix, sandwiched between multigrain bread and served with garden greens sides. Their Duck rice bowl ($15.90) is also quite a delight too, topped with a poached egg.

Moreover, menu prices range from an affordable $12 for mains, to $30 SGD a plate for more premium options, like Wagyu beef. Prices typically average in the $20 range. There is a selection of pastas too, with some local flavor offerings such as their Tom Yum seafood pasta.

Tom Yum seafood pasta $18.90
Tom Yum seafood pasta $18.90. Served with Clams, squid, mussels and Prawns.

Also, recommendation will be their burgers and roast chicken. Selections includes their Mister Beef Burgers ($15.90). This is made out of handmade seasoned beef topped with fried egg, honey mustard sauce. Moreover, it is served with french fries and garden greens as sides, which I found, could be larger in portions. Additionally, fish options includes pan grilled salmon fillet ($16.90) and 200g cod fish ($35.90).

Try their grilled chicken

From a couple of visits, a favorite would be their chicken. You can have them prepared in a variety of styles as a side, by the leg or boneless. Their chicken breast sandwich ($9.90) is grilled well and is juicy within. It is good for one person, while topping up and additional $5 makes it a meal for two with a full chicken.

Sea salt Caramel Roast Chicken. A half chicken ($16.90), $27.90 for a whole chicken
Sea salt Caramel Roast Chicken. A half chicken ($16.90), $27.90 for a whole chicken.

Also, the meat is well marinated and tasty too. Though I found the single portions tad small to my liking. Though it leaves space for desserts.

Half chicken, though not quite enough for one person
Half chicken, though not quite enough for one person in my opinion.

Also, if you are undecided, there is staple classic chicken chop western dish seasoned with sea-salt and caramel sauce ($14.90 for 2 thighs).

 Classic Chicken chop with sides. $9.90 for 1 thigh, $14.90 for 2 thighs
Classic Chicken chop with sides. $9.90 for 1 thigh, $14.90 for 2 thighs.

Wagyu beef offerings

Moreover, more pricey premium options includes Wagyu Beef steak ($33.90). It comprises of 300g Wagyu beef fillet served with 2 sides of your choosing. Also, a more affordable recommendation will be their Wagyu beef bowls, at a much relatively cheaper $18.90 per serving.

Wagyu Beef Rice Bowl with butter rice, poached egg and sesame sauce ($18.90)
Wagyu Beef Rice Bowl with butter rice, poached egg and sesame sauce ($18.90).

Additionally, the restaurant also runs value for money lunchtime menu specials with a selection of 3 to 4 different main course options. Also, you set lunch comes served with a soup of the day and a drink to top it up.

Furthermore, the cafe offers a small selection of ice cream. However, these are commercially sourced pre-made ones and not home made. Desserts not not quite their selling point here at Old Habits.

All in all, Old Habits Cafe is pretty nice retro-themed cafe restaurant gem which breaths live into an otherwise pretty old neighbourhood in an established Safra Mt Faber clubhouse. The food quality is decent and a nice sleepy place to chill out for a coffee in the afternoon.


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Old Habits Locality Map
2 Telok Blangah Way, Mt Faber,
#01-04 Next to the Swimming Pool,
SAFRA, 098803
Opening hours: 10:30am – 9pm daily
Closed on Mondays



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