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Happy Halloween, Woot FYP vetting cleared!

It's Halloween time again and look! no one's celebrating it over here in Singapore! Go around in a costume trick or treatin' and you will end up getting tricked most of the time or...

Urgent Appeal for Down Syndrome Association flag day 2007 volunteers

Got this urgent appeal from Dr Saba Iqbal from the Down Syndrome Association Singapore, it's regarding the need for volunteers on Saturday 29th December 2007, get your family, friends, relatives! Do drop DSA a...

New Balance Realrun (NBRR) 2007 Runner’s Post-race Comments

The New Balance real run 2007 had just ended and this puts one more race this year being held in the East (and so to the dismay of my people living in the west...

New Balance Realrun Pre-race

With IVP over, it all looks straight for the New balance realrun tomorrow morning. There will be full road closure from Tanah Merah Coast Road to Airport Logistic Park from 7am - 10am. Despite...

SP CIE Options Talk, Transforming SP DME-CIE

It's also time of the year again where our year one students get to go through a series of course options in their path of studies, namely the second year specialization between the CIE...

IVP Day 2 At Gombak Stadium, FYP On track

Today is the IVP day 2 held at Gombak stadium, the highlight event today would have to be the 10,000m run. Darius and Alvin was in representing SP and Darius came in 4th overall...

Reanimating Project Work

The last 2 project weeks saw disappointment being unable to submit our fabrication and parts order due to red tape in our school system and financial department to raise project budget. Hope things goes...

Dinner with the Puah Family

Got an unexpected call from Cousin Gordon last Sunday telling me about expanding his home internet network for two PCs from one, only that he does not know how to go about doing it....

IVP Day 1 over, Jobscentral Jobs Fair, N95 Updates

Today is the first IVP day but could not make it to Gombak due to a tight agenda on my side, but the weather was very good for a track and field event today....

Solved my Polar S1 Footpod problem

First off, sorry for not updating for about a week. It had been a very very busy week with projects and doing 8-5 in the school project center. That took quite alot of time...

Just Bin It

Was at Vivocity last Saturday while my parents are round there to do some regular grocery shopping in the area. Interesting in the fresh produce section, they have these signboards in front of every...

Polar S1 footpod calibration blues and problem

Brought out my RS400sd for a calibration run last Wednesday and it came out rather interesting distances, infact rather different from the distances I measured from google earth. Before my footpod days, I used...

Hans im Glück Burgers Vivocity

Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

Coco Curry Ichibanya

Redeye Smokehouse barbecue restaurant

Ikea Julbord Christmas Buffet Dinner

Istana Heritage Gallery

Burger and Lobster Changi Jewel

Chilling at Beyond Villa Phuket


Attending and surviving Blackhat USA

Blackhat USA is a global security convention and possibly the largest in the world. Since its inception in 1997, the convention runs in several...

Las Vegas City Nevada

St Petersburg Russian Museum

Exploring St Petersburg City Sights

Izmailovsky Flea Market

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Epikebabs kebabs Halal snack pack feasting

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