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Friday, March 1, 2024

Just Bin It

Giant Supermarket Bin

Was at Vivocity last Saturday while my parents are round there to do some regular grocery shopping in the area. Interesting in the fresh produce section, they have these signboards in front of every dustbin saying you can throw away anything which you find bad, rotten or not to standard. Won’t be surprised if we see people throwing anything into those bins!

FYP update
The thing with FYP now is lots of devotion spent into it, in fact as with my last weekend, almost working 7 days a week on it. Even making use of my free time out while shopping to check prices of any hardware store I come by “on the way” to search for prices to quote. I think it’s starting to get to me. Otherwise timeline-wise, the 2nd project week was rather slow as we had to deal and sort out contacts we needed for out projects. But things are expected to pick up this week when we send in our finalized designs in requirements to the fabricators and companies involved in providing the parts we require.

The project is just starting to get rather interesting now.


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