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SP CIE Options Talk, Transforming SP DME-CIE

CIE/TF viewing my video

It’s also time of the year again where our year one students get to go through a series of course options in their path of studies, namely the second year specialization between the CIE (creativity innovation and enterprise option) or the TF (teaching factory) option. Our lecturers will gather all the year ones for a talk and showcase of our work to “sell” the course option to them, hopefully getting the bulk to their option.

As usual my lecturer took my team’s second year presentation video for the showcase and wow the crowd, only this year round, I do not actually need to present the project to the students themselves due to time and venue constraints (I personally do not like speaking to an audience in a cramped LT). In the end I felt that my video did most of the talking – our TSO told us that we are expecting about 200% more signups for our CIE course next year as compared to the previous, all because it “was all my fault for doing such a good job!” he said.

As flattering as that may sound, looking back I think I really did transformed the SP DME-CIE course since I stepped foot in it. The course started bleak with very few students and unproven teaching techniques. With the exception of the resignation of one designer lecturer to the relocation of another, glad the lecturers there took good criticism to the software they were using initially and adopted my suggestion for 3D Studio Max and the use of Adobe premier for product design. Now our design studio is a hot spot for final year students and potential new design engineers alike, because “It was my fault”.

“Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Give him the tools to fish he will be fed for time to come.”


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