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My Medical Appointments – The long interesting radioactive story

It seems that whenever you see a GP for a problem, it’s very interesting of one problem to pop up another, in my case from diarrhea to kidney stones? to kidney problems? whoa read on:

Dropped by SGH for a medical appointment follow-up today, apparently on a long story this case which started on early this year when I had a bad case of diarrhea, which strangely seems to be recurring like another previous incident 3 months before (last year). The GP who tended to me last year for this issue simply gave diarrhea medication and I recovered in about 2 days time, only to recur again early this year, where I visited the docs again.

The thought of a recurring incident of diarrhea could have sparked a thought of some infection or so (I had a fever then, where I could not only skip the long A&E waiting time for the short fever section queue and walk round the hospital in a cool a mask) so as the blood tests at that fevery time which emphasized large amounts of white blood cells, indicating an obvious sign of an infection. A subsequent gastro-intestinal X-ray showed some interesting results- since it was an X-ray we could see more or less “everything”. And though everything else was fine, the docs said that I may have kidney stones as there are spots in my bladder.. jang jang jang jang!

My first CT scan- whoa stargate wrap portal!
Later do I know after being referred to the Urology department in another separate future appointment, the docs there said that it’s not a stone, but an X-ray artifact. After all they are specialists in the field and can confirm that, regular A&E GPs may not be accurate in their diagnosis. But the thought of possible “stones” and “infection?” prompted a cool (but expensive) stargate entry style Siemens Somatom Definition CT scan which further confirmed the absence of kidney stones in another following appointment. Only that this time the CT scan report shifted the focus of the problem to my left kidney which looks slightly more engorged than the other, oh great…

After, its their job to further investigate on the issue- which prompted another CT scan last month, this time with contrast- having the need to poke and fill your bloodstream with with warm calmy liquid during the scan so that your veins will turn up emphasized like all-glowly on the CT images. It’s just like photocopying you with extra toner contrast, all crispy.

Organ Adaptation
The appointment today is a follow-up on the latest CT scan and the results? It seems that internal organs will evolve an grow to accommodate the user’s needs. Taking the Tour de France cyclists heart’s being 30% bigger than the average man. In my case, my constant high water consumption I take daily to keep up with my high weekly running mileage prompted my kidneys to be slightly larger to cope with my all the excess water, in this case, my left being bigger. It will look funny on the scan at first, but it’s completely healthy and functional.

Normal and as healthy as a horse!
The end diagnosis is completely normal, no blockage, no stones, no cancer, nothing. It turns out that sometimes, the tender areas (pain sensitive to touch/pressure) of my body are actually attributed by sore muscles after gym training, duh! I also had the luxury of having a full check and CT report for all my other vital organs as well, like the liver, pancreas, etc, all A-ok!

Looking back I think my 1st case of diarrhea could be caused by unclean food or possibly something which I simply have a reaction too, (in which I would have to keep tabs on).

A showcase of bodily art?
Having to go so numerous X-rays and CT scans till I am all green and glowy with radioactivity now, it’s just simply cool to see how all your insides are, especially the cross-sections you can see of yourself in a CT scan- simply a work of art of your beautify inner body lol!. The doctor also left a 1 year open period so I can check back direct if any issues were to arise, take it like a “warranty period”.

So much for that, the docs even encouraged me to go back full into running, yea!



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