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Funan vs Simlim, Nokia Singapore know nuts about their upcoming phones

Funan Mall October 07

The day was quite busy today, it started off in school with lots of planning and tying down of the final design, in which we will send out for external fabrication. Being a Wednesday, the day ended early at 3pm following a planned Track and Field meeting to attend for oh-my-gosh 10mins only before having to rush down to SGH for my Medical Appointment followup (As mentioned in my previous blog entry).

Things raised in the track meeting were mainly on the required need to print the IVP jackets and polo tee-shirts, tailoring training programs for the juniors and lastly a track and field gathering at Sentosa this Saturday. Headed down to Funan to check out the computer hardware prices for my FYP in comparison to that I’ve on record from SimLim Square.

Apparently, it seems given the exception of a few singled out product, almost all the other items in Funan are easily 5%-10% more expensive than what you get in Simlim Square- reliterating the obvious place for cheaper computer parts. Well, unless you are a tourist, simply like shopping in posh boutiques or simply can’t DIY a PC for nuts.

Funan Nokia Booth

There is a Nokia booth at the ground floor and what the least I can do but enquire on the upcoming Nokia N95 8GB. However, as expected the sales people there know nuts about the upcoming phone and can only give non-concrete predictions of release dates and prices based from previous model launch rates – “definitely more than $1000”- the?

This scenario is typical to that of Singapore PC exhibition shows as well, where the sales people there know as much of the product as the product information flyer they hand over to you, anything else our Singa trademark: “I dunno”.

At least I can give them a consolation that they even know that a Nokia N95 8GB exist, contrary to the N95 US version (launched this week) which they all simply just went “huh?”.

Sales people do your homework!


  1. totally agree with you on that, these days, the consumer know more than the sales.

    N95 8GB should be out in early November according to Nokia, but the price I estimated will be about 1.2k without line

  2. Yup 1.2k, almost the same price as the N93i when it 1st came out, then price will drop to about 1k flat quite soon thereafter.

    The old N95 prices are dropping like crazy, it’s like almost $888 without contract now.


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