Classes this week are as empty as the bus I was on today to school mmm, I guess I can even skip school tomorrow, no point going for class when you’ve already sucked the teachers dry of questions only to sit in a quiet class face to face with your lecturer & crickets chirping continously in the background.

And there we have it by Wednesday today. GEMS & CRS modules cleared! ontop of the Workshop practice modules. Now I can try (wheee!) dump these notes outta view. Scored 95& for my workshop practical so thats 52.25 marks of the 55% weighage as a whole, plus 100% for my last class test, I can see a total predicted score of 95.25% for this module. Hopefully can get a distinction for it. Other than that, CRS seems cool, & I felt I did quite a good argumentative response in the final written test. Whether I can get a distinction for Character development is still uncharted, but a high chance I am not betting too much on either. So lets not count the chickens before they are hatched & carry on with the other 4 modules left in the semester… 😉

Undergraduate admissions for NUS & NTU are open! Don’t know should I even try applying again this year, $20 total for registration charges ani’t cheap too, but haha me ain’t no cheapo too. Furthermore I am coping relatively well & enjoying the CCA points & progress in Poly, will it be “a break” if I leave poly to uni? I guess any wise soul will say that its no harm to try to register for the 06/07 of under grad administrations anyway, haiz.

Update: Registered already for both NUS & NTU… for the 4th year in a roll already… 😳
now gotta hunt down an atm to pay the registrations fees….


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