Went for driving this morning, again me and the instructor had talk on driving testers & I guess the Poh guy who took failed me the other month was rather notorious for doing so. Mr Yeo my driving instructor for the day even told me that my tester failed his own driving test 5 times, you think he will let me go off so easily on the first attempt? dang driving testers, getting so personal everytime. Overall I get the usual comments on “hey your driving’s not bad”, “blah blah blah” I think I am already there in driving, why is it so hard to pass! Oh well, I guess passing the real test is actually the true answer to all.

Moreover, I guess its time to get out of the black and post some updates on the flash movie I made for the army open house site. the video is to be used for the opening ceremonies of the Army open house. It’s an honor to have created it.

Its time for another week of army, & my horoscope says… try not to be so paranoid for the week. Lucky theres no range this week like the other, furthermore, lucky I passed last week’s ATP/M (advanced train fire package/ maneuver) range shooting with a carbine. Man was it tough…

Well, its monday tomorrow, the start of more things to come…

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  1. hey the flash looks cool !!
    haha, my bro is getting enlisted at BMTC school1 this thurs.
    wish him luck. he is counting down his days and glued to his gf like 24/7 now.
    wow, u passed ur driving. gd for ya. ok, i am a lousy female driver. better dun comment much.

  2. Hey! I have a few friends enlisting during this period too, they are pretty much from the 84 poly batch who just grad. Hehe, wish em ( & yr bro) on a very “tough” yet interesting journey ahead now… *grins*

    And no, you misunderstood I didn’t pass my driving test yet. Maybe saying “passing the real test is actually the true answer to all” means despite all the praises I get from my instructors, it still can’t change the fact that I failed my first driving test. I don’t need any form of “pushing” as it can’t change facts. Therefore the true test, answer is eventual stop to all these crap is to actually pass the next test.

    My next test is on next monday, judgement day…


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