Woke up at 12 noon today considering the lack of sleep the last few days, with my family out for my sister’s tution. Love the new curtains, bedspreads, ambience and very “red deco” my mum had been put in the living room as part of chinese new year’s tradtion, very nice.

And so it ends… the tedious 6 day nightmare.

Didn’t really get much sleep over the past week due to missions and planning. Duh, looking back I found out so matter how tried you may get, moving around and marching will tend to keep you very much awake in the night and once its naturally day, you won’t feel like sleeping not to mention the extreme “diets” and rations which can put you from going to the toilet for 5 free days of shitting! You not only sweat out most of your water even of you drink like hell, you hardly pass out an liquid waste at all (even of you do its yellower than poster colour on water). All in hand, it was 6 days of hell with very very repetitive but manageable missions. Glad it was all over now.

*Dum de dum*

Gotta book into camp at 11pm today, would be clearing stores tomorrow. And graduation would be on tuesday. Yea!

Currently Listening: Enigma – Out From The Deep (Trance Mix) (5:52)


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