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Stockholm Millesgarden

Stockholm Millesgarden is a tranquil sculpture gallery and garden in Stockholm, Sweden. It is a great spot to check out if you are into sculpture arts and desire a chill location on a spare day in Stockholm. Lets explore the gardens today!

Sculptures garden at Stockholm Millesgarden
Sculptures garden at Stockholm Millesgarden.

Getting to Stockholm Millesgarden

At its core, Millesgarden is located 10km in the outskirts of the city of central Stockholm. Hence getting there does need some effort. It is accessible via public transport and a short walk via a scenic bridge (road 277) from central Stockholm island across a river into a residential area onto the Lidingö island itself.

Buses to Lidingö
A bridge too far
Cycling route

A residential area you might ask? Yes, Millesgarden is located on the grounds of the former home of sculptor Carl Milles (1875–1955) and his wife, artist Olga Milles (1874-1967).

Entrance to Stockholm Millesgarden tucked in a residential estate
Entrance to Stockholm Millesgarden tucked in a residential estate.

The garden grounds and art museum

Moreover, Millesgården consists of three main parts. It comprises of the artist’s former home, an art gallery, and lastly, a sculpture park. Also, the garden exterior looks tad like a regular residential establishment. With the exception of an occasional tour bus parked outside the establishment giving it away that it is an attraction.

One of the many fountains here on the garden grounds
One of the many fountains here on the garden grounds.

Furthermore, entry to the Millesgarden art gallery is free with every full ticketed entry into the compound. It is a vast indoor gallery which has seasonal displays depending on the featured artist at the point of time of your visit.

Stockholm Millesgarden art gallery
Stockholm Millesgarden exhibition art gallery, which houses moving exhibitions on top of the permanent galleries.

By the art gallery sits the attraction gift store and cafe too. You can find an assortment of books and novelties, especially on sculpture and arts in general. From here you can access the remaining two main areas in Stockholm Millesgården, namely the artist home and the outdoor fountain gardens.

Gallery top
In the galleries
Indoor galleries

Millesgarden home and indoor displays

Carl Milles summer home you can visit on the Stockholm Millesgarden grounds
Carl Milles summer home you can visit on the garden grounds.

Additionally, the indoor area allows you to explore some parts of the summer home. There are a couple of long indoor galleries housing lines of sculptures by a long sheltered patio. Also, there is also a large indoor gallery where larger items are housed.

Inside the home
Wall pictures

The summer home is not that out of the ordinary, with access to the ground floors and the upper floor being inaccessible and private.

Summer home exterior
Indoor mini figures

You are free to roam about the interior and times having to enter the home via patio door which makes it feel like you are entering a guest home. Also, lined along the ground floor of the Mile’s summer home are a myriad of Indoor mini figures and free standees in a living area.

Guided tours
Interior walkways
Interior art

Moreover, the museum does small guided tours covering the inner galleries and going through some parts of the artist’s former home.

The interior galleries of the Stockholm Millesgarden artist home
The interior galleries of the artist home.

You can pretty much also explore the galleries at your own time using the included park maps provided at the ticketing entrance counter.

Outdoor fountain
Happy fountain

Outdoor sculptures and gardens

The iconic outdoor sculptures and trademark of Stockholm Millesgarden
The iconic outdoor sculptures and trademark of Stockholm Millesgarden.

Outdoor sculptures mostly comprise of individual standalone figures in the garden and vegetated areas of the compound. The open courtyard areas tend to have vast fountains and pond water features. Often the pools have sculptures sitting in it and sprouting water too.

Ornamental minis
Poseidon statue
Outdoor gardens

Taking main stay is a Poseidon statue “watching over” the Värtan waters the kingdom of the sea over which he reigns, according to legend.

Stockholm Millesgarden outdoor sculptures are huge. Including this Poseidon statue- the god of the sea in Greek mythology
Some of the outdoor sculptures are huge. Including this Poseidon statue- the god of the sea in Greek mythology.

Furthermore, the outdoor gardens has a huge courtyard, complete with large water body fountains. In fact, there are a couple of them here, with the largest being a large fountain with a large sculpture with flying angels.

Stockholm Millesgarden Sunsinger sculpture among the magnolias trees
The Sunsinger sculpture among the magnolias trees.
Chill outdoors
Riverside statues
More Fountains

Moreover, this open garden is the icon of the establishment. It is vast, open and littered with sculptures at every corner. Also you can catch great views across the river separating Lidingö from central Stockholm island. Notably, occasionally, you can see a giant cruise ship passing by, with the Stockholm cruise center visible across the river too.

Great view from the Stockholm Millesgarden over to the main Stockholm island
Great view from the gardens over to the main Stockholm island.

Wrapping up, exploring the entire museum is at least a half day affair. With the 10km public transport travel from the road 277 via bridge to and from the island of Lidingö taking about over an hour tops from central Stockholm.

Overlooking central Stockholm

All in all, if you are into tasting a touch of Swedish art, particularly sculptures in a chill location on a spare day in Stockholm, Millesgarden is definitely one up on your shortlist.


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