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Massive photos update to the university section.

ready to board the ship?

Aha, it’s finally done. Behold, one of the largest updates to the photo galleries in a long time. The UK photo gallery has been online for sometime since early this year, but I’ve not actually found time to update anything nor caption any of the photos till my breather time this summer holidays.

Thankfully for that done now, though I actually take quite some musings in updating the galleries than actually seeing it as a chore :]. This post serves as a bookmark and table of content in logging all these album entries before I go about revisiting my travel dairies for each of the individual trips in detail with their own respective blog posts each, going more in depth of the photos in the galleries itself. There are also additional photo stitch panoramas which I am still in the midst of compiling, so I guess that’s something to look forward here under the travel section!

Glad I had one of these many chores looming over my head cleared before term starts in a month’s time. In the meantime, do check out the various new galleries I have listed. You can also access it directly by clicking on “university” on the links on the left under the gallery section.

Musings in London, with time to spare!

In London for a walk!
London for a walk!
Now to add some tree for a spooky feel
Natural history museum
Big Ben ain't that big!
Sights along the Thames!

Additionally, these photos in the first section encompasses random photos I take on my regular trips to London, which is not too far off where I stay in Cambridge. Also, the city is always buzzing with events and parades, let be meeting up with friends studying in the various city colleges there as well. London is a relatively safe world class city with an ethnic melting pot and many things to see, their museums are no exception either.

Cardiff wales and Christmas with Aunt Jenny

looks Welsh
Cardiff castle
Here I am at Aunt Jenny's!
Christmas stayover!
1207 Oaiham castles

Furthermore, these next photos are taken last winter during my trip to Cardiff in wales followed by a Christmas stay over at at an old family friend’s place for a Christmas dinner. It’s also the first time I get to stay with a British family, so it was quite an eye opener for me.

Trip to Wales (Cardiff) and Yateley (Hampshire)

Trip to Alton towers.

There is no roller coaster too scary for me! much to the others on the trip too who never quite saw the thrills you get from the fantastic coasters alton towers have to offer. Also, Alton Towers is widely know to be a pioneer in few of their roller coasters still in operation today, like be the first diving, inverted and flying coasters (That includes the first corkscrew coaster in the world too, now defunct)

Nemesis! :]
Nemesis rocks!
A B&M diving machine & the world's first vertical drop roller coaster.
Time to rock!
Flying on Air!

Alton Towers various attractions, including the main main themepark, waterpark and adventure minigolf.

The Lake District

Castaways on the beach...
Ambleside beaches
A steamer sailing through 2 mountains apart
Steamer in Ullswater
For more view awesomeness!
Mountains of Keswick

Moreover, the lake district is one of the most scenic sights in the whole of Britain, possibly said to be the “yellowstone of UK”, the views offered in the vicinity are breathtaking given the number of lakes and mountains around the area, providing endless opportunities for mountain goers and trekkers alike.

The lake district through the many satellite towns from Windermere.

That is not all, you can view all of them and more at the UK photo gallery.


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