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Tenerife Canary Islands Santa Cruz, Spain

Let’s check out the sleepy chill town of Tenerife in the country of Spain today. Tenerife is a small island city slightly larger than size of Singapore located in the Atlantic ocean on the African continent and within the country of Spain in EU. It is also part of the Canary Islands and known for its coastal resort city.

Tenerife Canary Islands on the beach line
Checking out the Tenerife Canary Islands on the beach line.

A beach resort by the Atlantic ocean

The beachside town at night
The beachside town at night.

The town at its core is a beach resort town. There is this chill ambience which lingers. The resort I stayed in is a 3 star resort called Parque Santiago IV located south side of the island which offers pretty good value.

Tenerife Canary Islands resort pool area
The resort pool area.

Moreover, it has a chalet style room layout and great for large traveling groups of friends. The resort rooms has two floors, with a kitchen and living area on the ground floor and bedroom upstairs. Also, as a bonus, you also get a balcony overlooking a view of the resort swimming pool and the Atlantic ocean afar.

Art musings

In addition, beach resorts are the name of the game here. They are pretty affordable here too, especially if you were to travel on the outskirts of the June travel season. Also, the resort I stay in is not much out of the ordinary, but is well-equipped with a large community pool, centrally located and serving all the hotel guests. This is despite having a perfectly good sandy beach and ocean front just a block away.

Path Musings
Seaside walk

Moreover, at its core, the district is a summer beach resort place. It is complete with sandy rolling beaches, great sea waves and hotel resorts to pamper your stay. Just outside the resort are line of shops which lines a public pathway running along the ocean beach line. They open till late too.

Beach Night life

Tenerife Canary Islands Night chill out areas, is a pub district and full of food options at night
Night chill out areas, is a pub district and full of food options at night.

Additionally, the streets are pretty chill at night, with crowds largely segregated into the restaurants, bars and pubs. Moreover, you need not worry about the lack of food. Recommendations will be your typical Spanish restaurant serving seafood paella.

Got Paella?

Moreover, it recommended to try their seafood here. It is really fresh! Out in the day, the broadwalks are a nice place to chill by the waves. Also, there are permanent several beach side art installations out here of interest too.

Tenerife Canary Islands Beach boardwalk artwork
Beach boardwalk artworks.

However, if you are not too adventurous and wish for more familiar (boring but safe) food you can’t go wrong, there are McDonald’s and Subway sandwiches restaurants here. They do taste the same as it back in Singapore, though that is not what you should be here for.

Sleepy town
Sleepy town.

Ride the waves

Surfing out 
Surfing out!

Also, being situated just by the Atlantic ocean, Tenerife is a great spot for ocean surfing, well, if the number of surf shops dotted around here does not give you a hint or two of the market here. At times, you can see a couple of surfers hitting the ocean waves. Notably the waves seem to always keep on coming!

Out on the sea!
The Atlantic

Additionally, as said, if you wish to have a hand riding a board, there are several surf shops where you can rent one complete with surf clothing gear. For large groups, you have a surf instructor at hand too you can teach you the techniques, especially if you are newbie in the sport.

Tenerife Canary Islands view out into the Atlantic
View out into the Atlantic.

Great beaches

Also, notably, there are also other marine sports such as para sailing and jet skiing, though surfing is the main draw here. There are also scuba shacks offering dive trips with a boat and dive master, allowing you to dive in the Atlantic.

Surf shops
Crashing waves
Public beaches

Additionally, if sandy beaches are your thing. The canary islands have no lacking of it. Along the coastline are several pristine beaches with soft coral sand. It is great for a beach day out under the sun. The beaches are public and open to all, unlike the private beaches in Dubai.

Sea views
On beach!
Public park

Moreover, a highlight on the Tenerife Canary Islands here is the volcano Teide, which you can visit with a day trip drive or simply just exploring the tiny island. Also, to cater for this, notably, there are several car rental spots here offering clean and modern cars you can lease to travel up to the center of the island where the volcano sits, at your own time. Just to bring your Singapore driver’s license with you as it is recognized.

Day trip to Santa Cruz

Chilling by the bay at Santa Cruz
Chilling by the bay at Santa Cruz.

Moreover, a nearby sight worth visiting in the Tenerife Canary Islands will be Santa Cruz. It is a small quiet city center on the north eastern side of the island. Also, as the city is rather well connected via public transport.

Bay area
See the art

Hence, you need not have to rent a car, you can simply reach the city via a bus ride out of the city center. Also, the waterfront also has a couple of musings, such a breakwater complete with hand-painted murals.

City area
Bay blocks

Furthermore, Santa Cruz comprises of small seafront arts complex & auditorium (Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martín). Also, it is housed in a landmark building with futuristic, curving design. It is an artwork of a building in its own right.

Santa Cruz seashell-looking seafront arts complex & auditorium building
Santa Cruz seashell-looking seafront arts complex & auditorium building.

Also, other notable coastal landmarks here includes the Castle of St John the Baptist and the Palmetum botanical garden on the west of the city. These points of interests can be reached via walking which you can do near the city’s quay side.

The Santa Cruz Arts building front the front
The Santa Cruz Arts building front the front.

All in all, Tenerife in the Canary Islands is a nice chill resort city great for seafood, beach resorts and surfing. There is also the Santa Cruz city worth checking out on a day trip to the Canary islands. Not bad for a day out in with the sand and sea.


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