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Visit to Oneberry Technologies innovation center

I had the chance to visit Singapore’s Oneberry Technologies innovation center. Oneberry is an automated security surveillance solution provider in Singapore. They are a specialist technology provider incorporated in 2003. They are also a service provider of remote security and surveillance Solutions. Let’s check out Oneberry Technologies innovation center today.

Welcome to Oneberry Technolgoies at Pemimpin Drive
Welcome to Oneberry Technolgoies at Pemimpin Drive.

Also, the establishment is located at a flatted industrial building along Pemimpin Drive, their innovation center is near Marymount. At the event, Oneberry presented their range or products, services and success stories. I got to meet Mr Ken Pereira, the visionary CEO behind Oneberry Technologies. They also shared their vision to automate physical security.

A busy day at Oneberry with the iMechE folks around
A busy day at Oneberry with the iMechE folks around.

Moreover, the company touts that they has developed and implemented hundreds of innovative, productivity, manpower saving solutions. These developments were accomplished through work with Oneberry partners and clients. Notably, the company also does collaborations with educational institutions, such as their robotics. The company is rather cosmopolitan too, employs both Local and foreigners in the company.

Remote surveillance and monitoring
Cyber solutions

Automated physical security

Furthermore, automated physical security is one of Oneberry’s main service offerings in what they toute as Innovative Manpower Saving Surveillance Solutions. One solution is what Oneberry calls the Virtual Guard System. It is an integrated platform of intelligent IP cameras with video analytics. Moreover, it reduces manpower reliance for physical surveillance or patrolling tasks.

Oneberry's security and surveillance systems
Oneberry’s security and surveillance systems.

Also, ever wondered what are those remote camera turrets located by the parks and coastal areas, and on the stairwells of HDB blocks? These are some solutions provided by Oneberry to the Singapore government in monitoring and law enforcement.

Notably Oneberry shared that their clients includes the Singapore Police Force (SPF), The Public Utilities Board (PUB), the Singapore National Environment Agency as well as JTC and HDB. They also shared use-cases where their cameras were deployed to catch killer-litter bugs.

Awards won by Oneberry
Automated gantry solutions
Various surveillance solutions

Security Robots

In addition their remote camera monitoring points are an army of robots. Sitting in the innovation center are a selection of robots Oneberry have at their disposal. Also, Oneberry shared that the robots were designed in-house. Options range from their heavy-duty tracked robots to the more friendly-looking Roboguard. Notably, Oneberry was the technology sponsor for the very recent Interpol World 2019 at Marina Bay Sands last July. The company deployed Roboguard for security as well as mobile information concierge kiosks.

Oneberry army of robots on display in their innovation lab
Oneberry army of robots on display in their innovation lab.

RoboGuard is Oneberry’s first customizable security surveillance and inspection robot. The autonomous robot is powered by clean energy fuel cell technology (which I shall talk about later). This has benefits of allowing 24/7 operation without downtime. Also, Oneberry’s RoboGuard can run in manual mode with a human in-control or autonomously following through a set of pre-programmed rules.

Interacting with Roboguard's front panel as an information kiosk
Interacting with Roboguard’s front panel as an information kiosk.

Additionally, I got to experience and interact with RoboGuard in-person, as well as test out its various automated and obstacle detection sensors. It can even detect and halt when detecting small children or animals in it’s path.

Putting Roboguard out on the field and interacting with it
Putting Roboguard out on the field and interacting with it.

Fuel Cell innovations

Interesting, Oneberry also showcases an ingenious method of fueling their technology using Fuel cell. This technology allows their remote surveillance deployments to run for easily weeks at a go. Also, Oneberry offers a variety of fuel cell power packs sizes. These power packs can be selectively paired with your desired Robot or Camera surveillance system, based on your deployment duration requirements.

Integration of off the shelf fuel cells into Oneberry systems allows the company to overcome battery life limitations over the more mainstream li-ion storage, with a higher power to space ratio
Integration of off the shelf fuel cells into Oneberry systems allows the company to overcome battery life limitations over the more mainstream li-ion storage, with a higher power to space ratio.

Moreover, the benefit of Fuel cell over the more mainstream li-ion is a higher power to space ratio. Here, a typical cell taken up by li-ion could only run for days instead of weeks using Fuel cells. Also, the Fuel-cell is reliable and runs completely off-grid as clean energy.

Smart security solutions

Thereafter, I was introduced to Oneberry’s operations center. This center is where all the magic happens. Staff can be seen busy working behind rows of computers. Large TV screens also line along the walls. All the surveillance feeds via mobile wireless protocols are fed back here.

Furthermore, Oneberry Mobi-cams feature plug-and-play video analytics. This has benefits for on-site processing and distribution computation load. Examples includes Automatic number-plate recognition (parking offenses), facial recognition and network processing. Also, this technology is applicable to both Oneberry’s mobile surveillance solutions and field robots.

A tour of Oneberry's operations center
A tour of Oneberry’s operations center.

Furthermore, as a security solutions provider, Oneberry prides to offer clients holistic solutions including computer and network cyber security services. In addition to their physical security solutions are a myriad of Cyber Defence Platforms. Their product is an integrated one, with Reputation Detection, Filtering and Deep Packet Inspections of both incoming and outgoing traffic. Here, URLs and IP addresses are automatically checked and updated from international reputation lists. The Oneberry Cyber Defense Platform is applicable to small offices, enterprise and data centers.

All in all, it is nice to see SMEs in Singapore pushing the boundaries with technology. Oneberry had came a long way since 2003. Providing automated physical security and providing innovative manpower-saving surveillance solutions. This goes well in part of the country’s 4th Industrial Revolution push. I thank Ken and his crew in hosting my visit. It was definitely a nice day out.


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