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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Singapore Idol

The national day parade had just ended & Singapore idol is now screening on TV. On a sidelook, one may noticeably note the array of people in for the auditions the possible *talents* & William Hung wannabees on TV. Not to mention the judges taking a very definite role (& impersonations) similar to that of their foreign counterparts. Very *original* & *creative* works indeed! 🙄

Haven’t got DOOM 3 yet, as I see no need to rush to get it, considering its price at its peak now. Furthermore, the need to purchase it is more of an unnecessary urge & a treat for eyecandys, not much of the story we all already know. BTW, did I mention that there were plans to make DOOM 3 the movie? yes it was in fact planned a long time ago. Leased by ID towards Warner sometime ago, its in the hands of Universal now. A very straightforward thing, but it would be a first for movies based on a computer game’s storyline, well besides the upcoming alien vs predator one too.

Flipping through the papers, my horoscope for the week warns of hot & sharp objects.. mmm 😈 & traffic related incidents, I am not driving anyway so blah blah. It ends lastly with a possible change of appointments in late week… Mmm possible. 😕

Oh well, that ends another weekend, & time to get back into camp.
Oh yea, its still August the 9th, almost forgot. Happy Birthday Singapore!

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  1. haaa………Singapore Idol….careless whisper is really a WHISPER !!! watched the 2nd episode – there were so many jokers around!!!!! Damn. I thought the standards are real high……. now I regretted NOT joining. *serious*


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