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Thursday, February 22, 2024

New Camera

Dropped by Orchard today… again! this time quite late after dinner to purchase a new Nikon 35mm film camera, all in time for next week’s Passing Out Parade (POP). My older Canon camera had been giving problems with night shots and blurry pictures, and yea.. its time I’ve got a new film camera though, enough of digital ones for the time being too!

After making my purchase at Plaza Singapura, Best Denki (They had a good bundle too, the Litetouch 110SQD with a free tripod and Nikon dry camera storage box all for $218), I cannot imagine the amount of renovation works going on there now- though Liberty supermarket had been closed sometime early this year, yet the basement is still undergoing major works, so are the 3rd and 4th floors. Hereen had already given me so much renovation blues, now its PS’s turn.. grrr! On a lighter note, there are some new stores around, & though its around closing time.. yea, many are sadly of course, closed. Kopitiam food court had also undergone a recent facelift.. good though I like the new bright & cleaner look, better than the previous “dark adventure land theming”

Oh well, I guess thats all for now, heard from one of my NS friends (aka 2nd T-shirt IC) that the platoon T-shirt would be out tomorrow.. whee.. my design’s on it!..Moreover, will be bringing in lots of tibits and food for our “happy hour” this week, courtesy of our sgts… Party Time Dudes! BMT is coming to an end!

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