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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Long Weekend

Yup, I would be booking in this monday afternoon, extended weekend you may say, yea and thats good baby. Passed Ippt & Soc this week, and hey! I can safely put them behind my back now- Its all well deserved rest and relax, with 2 weeks remaining till POP (passing out parade). For those who did not pass the first test this week, dun worry, try your best in the retests to come and we will POP together in june dudes- There are no limits to your abilites!

Went to Nooch noodle bar for dinner with my family at Paragon, Orchard. Window shopped around around the area. Went to look and research on some new handphones, thinking its time I upgraded my SL45. Maybe considering an improved version of the Sony Ericsson P800 PDA phone, just hope a newer improved version comes out.. or should I wait for 3G then?

Been surfing around lately and this kinda caught my eye for a while, the Samsung’s Matrix Phone, woo neat!

“This is a CDMA phone and comes with a pop-up earpiece that snaps open at an instant. A button located on the side of the phone releases the spring-loaded earpiece when pressed…”

It runs on a CDMA network, so don’t expect it to be used here in Singapore. Also, when you come to think of it, yea… you can call it a souped up nokia 8910i with an overloaded Matrix theme… oh well, check out more here.

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