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Ekk! Nokia again?

It had been sometime since I’ve used a dinky Nokia phone, (considering that my 1st two cellphones were Nokias, 880 and 3210). I had been a happy Siemens user since, always anxiously hoping (and waiting) for the release of the SX1 smartphone. But Siemens is very good at keeping their customers waiting- far better than I’ve ever expected, since june as a matter of fact. However, its all may start to change with the Nokia’s 7700, due to be released early next year.

It spots all the features of the SX1, only that its a 3G phone, plus a 640×320 touchscreen and a few nice extras. Its similarly compatible with the MMC cards I am using on my current phone and whats more than surfing the net and checking ya mail (or clearing junk mail) with this baby. It relatively small for its size too- feature wise, compared to Sony Ericsson’s “brick” aka P800, even the new P900/P810 don’t seem to raise much eyebrows either.

The only thing pulling me back from getting the 7700 is the dumb security features Nokia always have on their phones, not to mention the hassle of downloading games and ringtones – its always so restricted and inflexible compared to how Siemens does things, also Nokia is such a common handphone brand in Singapore- BORING. Mmmm… but if no other better phone were to be released during this “window period”, I would go for the Nokia then.

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