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Drowned V3 bluetooth headset

Drowned bluetooth headset

I was wondering where was my bluetooth headset the past few days. Till mum approached me today morning during breakfast saying, “Shaun I found this in the laundry, its in the pants you wore early this week” & there she passed me my V3 bluetooth headset, though still in one piece, its just as good a an extra large ear fashion accessory for my ear… DANG! Yes I tried turning it on, as expected theres no lights, no noise, just dead… plain dead.

I can’t really expect much of life though, considering that it went through like loads of water/rinsing & detergent, not to mention the fun spins in the dryer too. I guess the thing about headsets is that they are just so small (which is not a bad thing, mind you) & you tend to lose track of where & when you last left it. Especially an object so small & light can’t really be felt under the fabric of your clothing. Overall, its one of the best headsets I’ve used, small factor with good voice feedback, bluetooth v1.2, 200 hours standby & 8 hours talktime. Luckily its still under warranty & the best thing is that umm… I haven’t mailed it in yet.. heheh.


  1. […] Though this happened early this week, I guess I would put it down here anyway. If you remembered my previous post of the rather laughingly funny experience of me accidentally drowning my v3 bluetooth headset, (by forgetting to take it out in the wash). I have some rather interesting yet scary news as an update. Yes it was confirmed dead like weeks ago after the event, but just when I was about to send it in for repair early this week, mum tested the headset with one of her colleague’s phones first… & it paired strange! Initially I took it lightly & thought mum was pulling my leg… like it was a joke or something as I remembered tried turning it on before, but to no avail. Later do I know back in my hands is the very same bluetooth headset (which went through the washing machine, detergent, dryer, clothes line, sun & only to be discovered after ironing), which flashed its leds when I TURNED IT ON. No gimmicks here, its the same headset, same serial number, neither did mum secretly brought it for any instant repairs or so, & there it is – working! Amazing! Maybe it didn’t dry up completely or so few weeks back… so I can’t turn it on.. but won’t the circuity be fried the moment I do that? & why it choose to work all of a sudden? But who cares its working perfectly, everyday now. Now I not only have a working & flashing bluetooth headset, but a rather clean one as well! […]


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