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2 lifts down in one day…

2 lifts down in 1 day!

Lift destruction. Yea, that is right 2 lifts down in one day. Thats what happened on tuesday at school. & no we weren’t pretty much the victims… Umm, how can I put it? say, maybe you can call us a class who goes around destroying lifts in campus? So how do we go about doing that? Simple, just fill the lift full (about 15-18 of us) & once the door closes, everybody start going amock! stomping, jumping & pushing against all surfaces… on all fours! That includes the door, walls, etc.. You can just feel the lift ExpandinG…

The mob was so bad on one lift, we started wrecking it even before the door closed, & we dunno how we did it, we not only managed to jam the lift & cause it to emit a soft ringing wail at the controls, but the door even came loose, was dangling at a 45 degree angle just enough for us to squeeze & make our quick escape. We almost got 3 lifts in one day on, that includes T18, T14 & almost got T15. Haha hope they don’t ban our class from taking lifts in the future!


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