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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Modem down

The reason of my last 3 days ++ of inactiivty is largely, or should I say only caused by a dumb ethernet modem who probably got its ethernet ports fried on 12/7 usage for almost 365 days. So I may say, whats the use of a modem having its sys diagnotics and DSL connected lights on readily when it can’t even connect to my NIC? So after all the troubleshooting , etc etc, phheww! The speedstream 5260 when flying off my room and in came a new challenger, the aztech DSL305E which I just purchased at Cyberactive after work. And hey this ones comes with a reset button and just like my router, is configureable thru the browser, theres even a USB port option, niffy! Now lets see what it have to offer…

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