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Eatery blues

There was rather much of a foodchase yesterday. Dropped by kineally road for some food, but couldn’t find any good chowspots. Furthermore its quite late by then (8.30pm). So its nearby Orchard hotel for their amercian buffet, but dang its full house with a waiting time of bout 30mins. We left and kinda searched around for awhile, ending up at Orchard Tower’s Bonzadas mex grill. (previously known as Dennys) The place is pretty out of the way therefore not having a ball in business either- its rather quiet there now ever since they changed their name because of some problems the management had. The experience would be terrible if it woulbn’t for the “cheerful but rather overconcerned” waitress always (desperately sadly) trying to draw crowds in.

For them, I can come out with some suggestions for them to improve, firstly by varietising more on their menu, esp on main courses and side dishes. And man! please lower the prices tenderlion steaks, 30 bucks for an al lacart? one can get a similar meal at Jacks place steakhouse for half the price, not to mention a full buffet at breeks, ponderosa or sizzlers. They should really work on that… I wish them luck.

Dinner was rather fast and a leisure stroll along orchard-scotts road followed thereafter. Purchased a 2 fast 2 furious VCD and a DK Guitar playing guidebook from Borders. *Snicker* didn’t get to meet my old campmate, who is the son of the owner of Borders, if not I can get my books for free like before. (he can just literally walk in and grab any book out for free, (even the security guards have to greet him) *Duh* Anyway that would be quite far fetched too… 😉

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