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End of War, Dell XPS M1210

Dell XPS M1210

The term exams are over, 3 exams, 2 presentations & one project done. Now alls left is to finish up one portfolio project & 2 practicals when school reopens, not to mention the stinking E-learning next week. The Pro-E test went very well today, interestingly, only with me finishing the test on time in class, neato!

Mum came up to me last night mentioning that SGX tradings are all done electronic now, so she would have to purchase a personal laptop to get about work now. She was considering a $1200 Toshiba which will bound to send chills down anyone’s spine the moment they hear 1.6Ghz Celeron… ewwww. On a limelight, top up $900 more & you can get nicer sleeker, smaller, lighter, professional magnesium body notebook + uber more powerful specs, namely the new DELL XPS M1210 I am recommending, for $2150SGD, this is the damage you will be getting, quite value for money right?

Dell XPS M1210 Notebook

  • Intel Core Duo 1.83Ghz
  • Nvidia Geforce 7300 Go 256MB
  • 12.1″ 1280X800 TFT Screen
  • 80GB 2.5″ Harddisk
  • 1GB 533Mhz RAM
  • Intel Proset Wi-fi+ Bluetooth 2.0
  • Sound Blaster Audigy DE Audio
  • 1.3MP In-Built Logitech Webcam (w/30fps VGA Video)
  • 5-1 Card Reader, Express-Card Slot
  • Wi-Fi Catcher
  • 6-Cell Battery
  • Win XP Home (Windows Vista Ready)

So far my experience with Dell has been a rather positive one, namely with their rather excellent customer support. The best thing is that PC Show specials are also available online, so we can beat the crowds!


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