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Blistering Boulders!

Blistering Boulders!

In the mist of all the war battle & gun fights with exams, presentations & projects let me just sit on no man’s land to recap the happenings of the week so far. The CNC turning test went well on Tuesday think can score in it, my previous class DME/25 is doing CNC milling, though different topics, the test format is very very similar overall, given the same module head. So much for hints, anyway they did say that the Pro-E test they had (& which I will be taking on friday) is easy peasy, so hope as it will be for my class. Submitted my Product Design model (one project done) & did my GEMS presentation on Online Entrepreneurship, being “one of the better ones” as our lecturer says.

Also, for the 1st time since I entered poly, I actually FAILED an assignment. & So did 85% of the class too. Well one may say that through failur comes success, but I guess the teacher wasn’t clear in making his stand & requirements of the paper, quite unfair. Guess my “killing spree” & “godlike, monster kills” since semester 1 was ended by my DTS (design technique & skills, which is more like problem solving technique & skills) module teacher. Part II, the finals of the DTS test is tomorrow, Daming freakaziod!

& hey I am a left hander for the day! Having 7 blisters on both hands (excluding 2 open ones on my right) as a present from the bouldering climbs in the rock gym today. Now I learnt about the hassles of limited motion, whether is the sharp screaming pains on soap & water contact, its trying to brush your teeth with 3 finger & soap & bathe yourself with one hand only, not to mention taking a long time to actually get this blog post typed where I should be rushing assignments & studying… whoops!

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