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TTSH today, AHM Tomorrow

Come on people! 18k hits a day & not a single comment for days? wahh maybe I should increase the comment link font size….

Visited the doctor at Tan Tock Seng Hospital today with regards to my potential leg problem
. You see my lower leg have this slight abnormal curve in the bone & if left uncorrected can lead to uneven wear on the knee due to uneven loading the leg gives. Just imagine like pushing down on a tilted stick on the ground with the face of your palm, naturally one side feels more loaded than the other, so thats the analogy.

It can however, be corrected easily with relatively minor surgery, preventive surgery you would say. But without of course spending like 6weeks on the wheelchair if I choose to operate on both legs at a go, rather than one at a time which can actually take twice the time before I am done. Amazingly from the X-ray, the doctor said my knee is perfectly healthy & a-ok even given this case of “bowing”. Normally its always people who have knee pains or discomfort relating to my case when they would actually see the doctor to be fixed. Yes, preventive surgery for me you would say again, better to be safe than sorry.

Recalling, the clinic was relatively empty today & I was the last of the morning batch, so waited like a short 10mins before I was attended to. Haha the doctor was kinda nice, not to mention to chat too, Dr Yagappan or something. He specialises in Sports Medicine specifically in orthopedics (the). Yes so he can very much understand (on the same sports channel frequency) the pain & rigours what we crazy marathon-ers do to whack overselves crazy before crying back to momma.

Was told he’s gonna transfer to Mount Elizabeth’s end of year, so if it will cost 2 times to operate under the private sector. Otherwise he suggested operating under one his fellow doctors in Changi, with subsidy (Bringing price to $7000). Also specialising in wedge surgery. Moreover, there’s a chance he can come back as a consultant in TTSH next year & he can operate under government as well.

Then casually he told me: “if I am your bro’da I will tell you to ‘scram’ right now cause there are so many other people with problems worst than you”. Seldom would anyone in such good physical condition come & have the choice to operate, as almost all his patients don’t even have a choice. But generally he told me no rush for surgery, as theres no pain whatsoever, don’t miss any semesters or let this disrupt my studies & maybe find time out after I graduate to fix myself up. Anyway he told me I can call him or the hospital direct if there are any urgent matters pertaining during this period.

Important, but not urgent I can say.

Left the doc’s only to see a feaking packed waiting area thereafter, gosh I actually camped in there for 20mins? Dammit must not be so talkative next time….


  1. Well, I believe you can’t really find a clinic focused on just sports medicine, but the particular TTSH orthopedics section do has such specialists as mentioned.

    I think the bulk of sports related problems could be related to muscular/skeletor experise, thus the concentration of such doctors in the ortho section.

    I am not sure whether there are sports doctors for each particular clinic though. If such I think cardio side by chance have one.


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