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Piggin’ out before Army Half Marathon

Updated my long lost friendster account after like god knows when!
[ http://www.friendster.com/shauny ]
Nothing much just new photos, but we can have 50 now! ooooo! Last time was like only umm 3?

Preps for AHM
Mmm tomorrow will be 21km day, just a little more than my usual 15km jog in the park. Up-ed my Mp3 player with a playlist full of smooth songs for a relaxing start & head-banging techno & trance in the 2nd hour to push up the pace to finish. Different song specifies & plays after a certain elapsed time so I know my race pacing throughout the run. Aim to finish in 1hr 50mins, 10mins better than last year’s 2hrs flat. Purposely cut all songs after 2hours, a motivation to finish earlier or NO MUSIC! Also to finish before 8am to see my friends & parents off running the 10km.

Dad (aka the alarm clock) suggested dragging me to bras basah for breakfast where he claims a 24hr coffee shop exists, as most hawker stores near my home at 4.30am tomorrow won’t have food prepared by then (Mmm but I remembered eating near home last year?).

SGrunners, enjoy ya carbo-loading later tonight, sorry I can’t make it. For me, will be Mmmm, fat-loading (Triple Fold FAT BELLY!) for AHM at Kenny Rogers later for Dinner with the Plowman family- Mum’s old friends from England & my family’s hosting the treat!


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