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The week recaptionation

The bus to myself

Last week was peak exam week, so we only go back to school for papers. Its like back-to-back days on the “ulu” hours back to school where nobody’s up, or down! even the buses all all empty mid afternoon.. On a sidenote, there was some problem with the web server mid week onwards, not allowing me to upload my moblog pictures. Anyway, its up now & what the best I can do but summarize the week activities in one long concluding post:

Monday started with a our mechanics test. Though I completed all the questions & double checked every working, I still felt quite uncertain after handling in the papers… don’t know why its just a gut feeling, maybe I think my paper presentation was not so good. Wednesday saw the autocad test in a rather unknown venue, taken in concurrent with another class as well! The 3D part was easy but the assembly part is definitely a breeding ground for mistakes, so I can really tell how good I will do in it – As to anyone, their assembly drawing will always look “correct” to them. But overall it was cool. Electronics practical on Thursday was a breeze & we even get to know our results on the spot, I’ve scored 98/100 due to a cut from failing to put one calibration knob on the oscilloscope to MAX. However, I argued that the calibration knob used for zeroing & we are assuming that the lab signal generator is perfect (the oscilloscope used in the test wasn’t even zeroed). In fact I was zeroing the oscilloscope source to display the perfect accurate waveform on the screen & I have the calculations to prove it! All in hand, the teacher agreed with my explanation but still kept the cut (marking scheme restriction) *me jus collaspes* haiz just because of that 2 marks from perfection.. but 98 is better than nothing too.

The campus poolside gym will be closed from the 19 Sept to 1 Oct, so its choing time or not gym for 2 weeks. Went training on tues & thurs, my usual track training days (as I couldn’t stay so late in school, gotta study) Its muscle building week, so more chest presses, crunches (& oblique crunches), maximum resistance cycling & elliptical cross-training. Furthermore, I got the week to burn in my newly commissioned Brooks Maximus Running shoes!

My new Brooks maximus!
New shoes! for 39.90 credits!
Burn in at the gym
Testing grounds
Close up!
close up

I remembered having a dream last night about me on the Swissotel (Swissôtel) Vertical Marathon. I recalled a scene when I was running up fast, everything was blurry, few competitors chasing me behind, about 50 floors up & still having energy to keep the pace, I was using my hand as a gliding guide on the handrail to pull yourself up on each flight, & I recalled wearing gloves in the dream! Never thought of that! Come to think about it ya, considering upon meeting fatigue, you using your arms to pull yourself up most of the time & gloves will not only serve to provide a better grip but protect your hands from blisters you may get after rail contact for say the last 40 floors? Mmmmm maybe sometimes dreams serve to tell you something… maybe you will see me in this year’s challenge with my long-lost Nike half-gloves on!


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