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Sheares Bridge Run/AHM 2005 Photos

Its finally out, the photos of the Sheares Bridge Run/AHM 2005 by sportsphotoX.com. I can’t search the photo archive by names, but only by our bib numbers. Furthermore, it took them about one week before all the pictures came online, just like the previous Newbalance RealRun. Did a search & the 2 here are the best I’ve found so far, as many are actually duplicate shots at the same point. Well, considering that all the photographers are actually clustered at the finishing line, so thats the only location where all my shots are.

haha, hang loose!

AHM photos by sportsphotoX
AHM photos by sportsphotoX

However, I remembered seeing like 2 other photographers throughout the route, maybe they didn’t catch me. Even I posed for them. Nevertheless got quite a few good pictures at the finishing line.

:mrgreen:UPDATE: In case you are wondering, the handsign is called “the shaka” a Hawaiian friendly greeting. You can read more about it here & here. & yes incase, you are wondering, its not making a phone call, neither “call NKF”, “call me babe” or even a superstar finalist asking for votes. As discussed on the SGrunnners forum. Whoa!



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